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№2' 2004


Cardioprotection in acute myocardial infarction: theoretical pre−requisites and possible ways of clinical solution of the problem
6 - 11
The authors present up−to−date principles of drug therapy for acute myocardial infarction (AMI), methods of revascularization therapy and feature their advantages and disadvantages. Pathophysiological mechanisms of ischemic and reperfusion lesions in AMI are discussed. The findings of efficacy study of a promising cardioprotective drug, Corvitin, are reported. Its safety in early terms of AMI against a background of basic treatment is shown.
Peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment for heart failure in type II diabetes mellitus
12 - 16
Basing on the review of literature data and original observations, the authors describe the peculiarities of pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment for heart failure in type II diabetes mellitus.
Capabilities of revealing myocardium electrical inhomogenicity in patients with ventricular arrhythmias at multi−pole superficial ECG−mapping of the heart
17 - 21
Diagnostic and prognostic significance of the analysis of findings of multi−pole superficial ECG−mapping of the heart in patients with high risk of ventricular arrhythmias is discussed. Informative mapping signs of inhomogenicity of electrophysiological properties of the cardiac muscle which are responsible for ventricular arrhythmias development are described. High sensitivity, specificity, and positive prognostic value of this parameter in 91.7% of CAD patients who suffered myocardial infarction is shown.
Prognostic significance of corrected QT interval and cerebral natriuretic peptide in heart failure following myocardial infarction
22 - 24
The findings of the analysis of influence of prolonged corrected QT interval and increased level of cerebral natriuretic peptide in patients with heart failure on the incidence of sudden cardiac death is shown.
Zollinger−Ellison syndrome
25 - 28
Clinical characteristics of Zollinger−Ellison syndrome is given. Its instrumental and laboratory diagnosis as well as up−to−date drug therapy are described.
Classification morphological characteristics of chronic nonspecific ulcerative colitis in children
29 - 31
Morphological peculiarities of chronic nonspecific ulcerative colitis in children are discussed. Basing on the study of basic morphological indices of the normal mucous membrane of the large intestine and bioptates obtained in children with this disease its classification characteristics are suggested.
Cardiophobic syndrome
32 - 33
Psychological and clinical studied were performed in patients with cardiophobic syndrome. It was shown that there were two opposite types of the patients' behavior, i.e. marked depressive signs in one and hidden due to hypercompensation in the others.
Neurological and mental disorders in children with diabetes mellitus. 2. Principles and methods of treatment, psychosocial rehabilitation
34 - 41
A review of the recent research in neuroimmune CNS pathology is presented, the necessity of including nonspecific neuro− and stress−protection therapy providing complex treatment of neurological and mental disorders in children is substantiated. Main medical psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches to psychosocial rehabilitation of the sick children are featured.
Family psychotherapy in family−limited behavior disorders in children
42 - 44
The original system of psychotherapy of family−limited behavior disorders in children is described, its application demonstrates high therapeutic effect.
Differences between extramarital liaisons of men and women
45 - 47
The difference in motives and the character of extramarital liaison of men and women as well as their significance for the personality and the role in psychological and social−psychological deadaptation of the married couple are shown.
The state of sexual health of spouses at organic personality disorders in women
48 - 50
The results of systemic structural analysis of sexual health of married couples, in which the wife suffers from organic personality disorders, are reported. The causes and mechanisms of development of spouse deadaptation at this pathology in women are shown which allows working out and administration of pathogenetically directed psychotherapeutic correction.
Epidemiological aspects of sexual health disturbances in men and women in Ukraine
51 - 54
The results of epidemiological research of the state of sexual health of the residents of Chernovtsy and Chernovtsy region, which allowed to obtain the data about the nosological structure of its disorders and population incidence, are presented.
Masturbation: negative or positive phenomenon?
55 - 58
Various opinions about the role of masturbation in human sexuality development are discussed. The findings of the original research performed to evaluate the significance of this phenomenon in formation of sexual behavior and sexual health are reported.
The role of nitric oxide in glaucoma pathogenesis and prospects of development of new means of treatment of glaucoma optic neuropathy
59 - 64
The role of nitric oxide in pathogenesis of primary open−angle glaucoma is discussed. A regularity of changes of nitrous oxide metabolism in glaucoma in patients of different age was found. The influence of different ways of treatment on the dynamics of glaucoma process and the level of stable metabolites of nitric oxide in the lacrimal fluid and blood serum of the patients were evaluated.
Immune−endocrine correlations in eye injuries in patients with sex steroid hormones dysbalance
65 - 70
The functional association of the immune and endocrine systems in eye injuries in men and women with dysbalanse of sex steroid hormones is discussed. Existence of testosterone (estrogen)−dependent thymus− and fibronectin−mediated system of hormonal control of lymphocyte link activity of the cellular immunity was established.
The place and role of laparoscopy in diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases
71 - 73
The clinical experience of laparoscopy at Obstetrics and Gynecology Department No. 1 of Kharkiv State Medical University from 1996 to 2003 is generalized. The advantages, indications, and technical peculiarities of laparoscopy in various gynecological diseases are featured.
Endometrium ablation as an alternative to radical surgical treatment for relapsing hyperplastic processes of the endometrium
74 - 76
Main aspects of pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment of hyperplastic processes of the endometrium are reported. One of the methods of surgical treatment, endometrium ablation, is described. Long−term results of treatment depending on the metabolic profile of the patients is analyzed.
Some important and disputable questions of severe trauma injuries and ways to solve them
77 - 85
Basing on generalization of many−year experience of the author and literature data, the author features some unsolved questions of injury disease, in particular its pathophysiological concept, "computerizing" of the disease, objectivization of severity degree evaluation, shock−producing nature of the injury and the state of the victim, which are important for the choice of methods of clinical pathogenetic treatment. The opinions of the author about the terminology of polyorgan, thoracoabdominal injury as well as classification of mine−explosion injuries are given.
Low invasive interventions in surgical treatment for cholelithiasis in elderly and old patients
86 - 89
Comparative analysis of immediate results of treatment of cholelithiasis and its complications in 894 patients of different age at open and low−invasion interventions is given. The author concludes about high efficacy and low risk of complications of these interventions in cholecystitis and duct pathology in elderly and old patients when compared with open interventions and the prospects of controlled pneumoperitoneum and lifting techniques.
Carcinoid tumors
90 - 92
Modern opinions about the pathogenesis of carcinoid tumors are discussed. The peculiarities of their clinical course, diagnosis, and efficacy of modern therapeutic methods are shown.
Immunotherapy: up−to−date standard of drug treatment for renal carcinoma
93 - 95
Modern ideas about the strategy and tactics of treatment of patients with renal cell carcinoma are presented. It is shown that its priority direction irrespective of the stage of the process is immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy.
Contemporary methods of treatment for nonmelanoma skin cancer
96 - 98
A brief historical review of development of skin cancer therapeutic techniques is given. Contemporary capabilities and prospects of treatment are shown.
Diabetic nephropathy: pathogenesis, clinical picture, prognosis
99 - 102
Modern sate of the problem of diabetic nephropathy development is described. Initiating influence of endothelin−1 in the blood of the patients on glomerulosclerosis processes was established. The authors conclude that this parameter is a marker which allows to evaluate the severity of the pathological process in the kidneys at the early stages.
Disturbances of reproductive function in prostatitis / syndrome of chronic pelvic pain
103 - 106
It is shown that untreated chronic inflammation of the prostate gland causes disturbances of spermogram count and strility in a number of cases at normal development of sex glands and sufficient hormone supply of the organism. Bacteria, viruses, leukocytes, free radicals, cytokines, immunological changes and obstruction of the deferent ducts in prostatitis are co−factors of sterility development.
Principles of psoriasis therapy
107 - 111
Modern methods of psoriasis treatment including the original effective method of complex therapy of this disease are discussed.
Allergy to insects
112 - 116
The question of allergy to insects and their metabolites is discussed. Urgency and significance of the problem of insect allergy for practical allergology is emphasized. Clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment are featured.
The choice of drugs for climacteric complications treatment and osteoporosis prevention
117 - 121
The findings of experimental and clinical studies of application of gestagens, estrogens and their combinations to control the signs of climacteric as well as to prevention and treatment of osteoporosis caused by estrogen deficiency are reported.
Epidemiological characteristics of disablement of the participants of Chornobyl accident clean−up
122 - 126
The authors analyze the findings of the study of disablement in the participants of Chornobyl accident clean−up residing in a large industrial region of ecological crisis. Regularities of the level and dynamics of disablement, its age−related, social, occupational features were established.
Academician Aleksey A. Korzh (80 years of birthday)
Professor Yaroslav V. Pishel (80 years of birthday)
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