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№4' 2009


Investigation methodology and clinical signs of secondary (compensatory) models of normal sexuality disorders in women
6 - 9
The findings of examination of 312 patients with various secondary sexuality disorders are reported. The concept of normal sexuality is substantiated within the frames of the ontogenetic model of medicine based on homeostasis concept. Secondary (compensatory) models of normal sexuality disorders in women (distress, genitogenic, process) were built and analyzed.
Sexual dysfunction and spouse deadaptation at schizoid personality disorders in men
10 - 13
The peculiarities of forming sexual dysfunction at schizoid personality disorders in men were investigated. The role of psychosexual development disorders, the system of motivating as well as development of sexual disorders and spouse deadaptation were determined at schizoid personality disorders in men.
Rare neurology. A case of Klippel−Feil craniovertebral anomaly with pronounced hydrocephalia and atrophy of brain substance
14 - 18
Modern scientific data about the pathology of craniovertebral anomalies are presented. A clinical case of Klippel−Feil craniovertebral anomaly with neurological manifestations is described.
Cerebral hemorrhagic complications of acute ischemic stroke associated with anticoagulant therapy
18 - 20
It was revealed that lower percentage of hemorrhagic transformation and mortality administration Fraxiparine vs. heparin allowed to recommend Fraxiparine as anticoagulant therapy for ischemic stroke.
Peculiarities of hypertension forming in patients with increased body mass
21 - 24
The findings of sociological investigation of increased body mass (IBM) and hypertension prevalence in the population of Baku are reported. The regularities and character of the association between obesity, IBM and hypertension were revealed. The ways of primary and secondary prevention of IBM and hypertension were outlined.
New achievements in cardiology: review of clinical trials, presented at the Congress of European Society of Cardiology in 2009
25 - 30
The findings of new clinical trials reported for the first time at the Congress of European Society of Cardiology are presented.
The possibility of structural geometrical adaptation of the left ventricle in children after acute rheumatic fever
30 - 33
The peculiarities of structural geometrical adaptation of the left ventricle in children after acute rheumatic fever were studied. It was established that structural, morphological and geometrical changes in the left ventricle are the pathogenetic foundation of mitral regurgitation, timely diagnosis of which with EchoCG allows to obtain information about the course of the disease and prevent complications using the adequate treatment.
The peculiarities of post−infarction remodeling in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with metabolic syndrome and chronic heart failure
34 - 38
The peculiarities of myocardium remodeling in 109 patients with post−infarction cardiosclerosis (53 patients with coronary artery disease without carbohydrate metabolism disorders and 56 patients with accompanying type 2 diabetes mellitus) were compared. It was determined that the character and degree of the heart and vessels remodeling in patients with co−morbid pathology suggested a higher risk of chronic heart failure progress.
The influence of increased body mass on the level of arterial pressure in patients with arterial hypertension and cardiovascular diseases
38 - 41
It was shown that combination of antihypertensive therapy with normalizing the body mass resulted in a stable target level of arterial pressure. To correct increased body mass, physical exercise in the most accessible and practical form, i. e. daily walks for 60 min, is proposed.
Neuron network simulation at prognosis of the character of the course of vibration sickness accompanied by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
42 - 45
Neuron network model of prognosis of development of vibration sickness in combination with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) is presented. The most sensitive entrance variables both for vibration sickness and for its combination with COPD, which can successfully be used at in screening investigations, were revealed.
The changes in the amount of essential and toxic blood microelements in pregnant with chronic pyelonephritis
46 - 50
Investigation of blood serum microelements in pregnant with chronic pyelonephritis allows to establish the changes in toxic and main essential elements participating in the work of antioxidant and immune systems.
The peculiarities of vagina microbiocenosis and the role of bacterial factor in pregnant with the danger of miscarriage
50 - 54
It was established that formation of microflora in the newborn depended on the composition of microflora in pregnant (normocenosis or dysbiosis) and functional state of the placenta system. Purposeful determining the character of vaginal microflora and pre−partum treatment can be one of the reserves allowing reduction of miscarriage incidence.
A family case of glucose−6−phosphate dehydrogenase and glutathione reductase deficiency in newborns
55 - 57
Activity of glucose−6−phosphate dehydrogenase and glutathione reductase in newborns and their families was investigated. Hereditary character of enzyme deficiency was shown. Enzyme deficiency was accompanied by clinical and hematological changes. Establishment of glucose−6−phosphate dehydrogenase and glutathione reductase deficiency in the umbilical blood of the newborns and their close relatives allows early determining hereditary hemolytic anomalies.
New approaches to pre−operative preparation in struggle against post−operative complications in patients with compression syndrome caused by mediastinum neoplasms
58 - 61
The results of pre−operative treatment of 334 patients with compression syndrome due to mediastinal neoplasms, of them 99 with the use of the improved protocol of pre−operative treatment, which determined the surgery technique and ways of improving surgical correction safety, prognosis and prevention of post−operative complications, are reported.
Surgery for old postpartum perineum ruptures
62 - 64
A method of suturing rectum ruptures after surgery for old stage III postpartum perineum ruptures, which together with a special care and diet before and after the surgery yielded good results of healing and cure, was suggested.
Complicated spine injury
65 - 71
The literature data about an urgent problem of spinal injury are presented. The classification worked out by American Spinal Injury Association, the forms of spinal injuries and the variants of their clinical development are reported.
Thyroid cancer prevention in the risk group
72 - 75
The role of thyroid homeostasis disorders in cancer development in persons with benign thyroid pathology is described. A method of treatment and monitoring of these patients based on the use of hormone medication (L−Thyroxin, Euthirox, etc.) at the doses close to suppressive ones under TTH control was suggested.
Modern trends in drug treatment for herpesvirus infections
76 - 79
Up−to−date data about the epidemiology, pathogenetic aspects and clinical manifestations of herpesvirus infections are presented. Contemporary approaches and schemes of etiotropic, pathogenetic and immune therapy of type 1 and 2 herpesviruses are described.
The peculiarities of the clinical course and efficacy of treatment for parodontium inflammatory diseases associated with Helicobacter pylori
80 - 83
Oral cavity biotopes were shown to accumulate H. pylori causing gastroduodenal pathology. The pathogenetic properties of H. pylori manifest at presence of parodontium pockets (deeper 3 mm) in which favorable conditions for activation of the bacteria vital activity causing not only gastroduodenal pathology but also aggravating the clinical course and treatment of parodontium inflammatory diseases (PID) are created. Administration of highly active against H. pylori antibiotics (Azithromycinum, in particular) as a part of complex treatment allows obtaining best clinical results.
Helical computed arthrography in diagnosis of stable and unstable injuries of meniscus of the knee joint
84 - 89
The capabilities of helical computed arthrography in diagnosis of different types of knee joint meniscus rupture and determining stability of these injuries are discussed. The method of examination suggested by the authors was recommended for everyday medical practice of orthopedists, traumatologists, specialists in sport medicine and general practitioners.
Assessment of chelate therapy with Desferal in homozygotic beta−thalassemia in children according to complex echocardiography findings
90 - 94
Efficacy of chelate therapy with Desferal in 50 children aged 7−15 suffering from homozygotic beta−thalassemia was shown. According to 2−dimensional Echo−CG and tissue Doppler study, they less frequently had severe and moderate forms of conventionally revealed hemochromatosis.
Transvaginal echography in diagnosis of endocrine infertility
95 - 99
The data of the literature as well as the original findings about the capabilities of transvaginal echography in diagnosis of some endocrine causes of infertility (polycystic and multifollicular ovaries, syndrome of non−ovulated follicle luteinization, lutein phase insufficiency) are reported.
The use of nitric oxide in medical practice
100 - 104
The literature data about the use of nitric oxide in various areas of medicine are reported. The pathogenetic foundations of positive influence of nitric oxide at different pathological conditions are described.
Methodological aspects of regular connections projection in forensic medical practice and simulation of forensic medical determinations
105 - 108
Methodological aspects of simulation of the system of associations between the injury and complications are discussed using the findings of practical expertise. The analysis of the projected model of forensic medical determination and causative substantiation of long−term effects of the injury are presented in the entity of logical, philosophic and subject−special approaches.
The state of diagnosis of death remoteness using supravital reactions
109 - 111
The data about supravital reactions used to solve the problem of death remoteness are presented. The prospects of the use of "pupil reaction" occurring in response to the effect of chemical irritants were determined in order to establish remoteness of death were determined.
Honorary professor of Ukrainian Republic Nikolay Petrovich Trinkler (to 150 years of birthday)
112 - 115
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