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№1' 2010


The peculiarities of personality changes and social function in victims of extreme situations
6 - 10
The findings of investigation of personality changers and social function in the persons who survived different extreme evens are presented. Post−stress pathopsychological symptom−complex was distinguished in the victims of extreme events.
The influence of personality peculiarities and environmental factors on the function and limitations of vital activity in patients with arterial hypertension
11 - 14
Personality peculiarities, risk factors and quality of life of the patients with arterial hypertension were investigated. Using correlation and regression analysis their influence on the function and limitation of vital activity in these persons were determined. The authors conclude about the necessity of investigation of personality peculiarities as well as environmental factors for working out the programs of treatment and rehabilitation of the patients with arterial hypertension.
Neurodynamic signs of emotional−behavioral and personality disorders in teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction. Communication 2. Neurodynamic mechanisms of formation and functional organization
15 - 22
The findings of cerebral bioelectrical activity investigation in adolescents with cerebral dysfunction and emotional−behavioral disorders with analysis of clinical electrophysiological correlations, which allowed determining pathogenic neurodynamic mechanisms of disorders leading to formation of organic personality disorders, are featured. It was established that the peculiarities of amplitude−frequency spectrum of EEG and distribution of the capacity of bioelectric brain activity rhythms as well as peculiarities of EEG response to the external irritants and, respectively, degree of synchronizing and desynchronizing brain systems imbalance correlated with the type of personality formation disorder in adolescents with cerebral dysfunction.
Gender peculiarities of epilepsy course
23 - 27
The author presents the data about etiological factors, incidence of epileptic attacks, the structure of the accompanying pathology, peculiarities of psychopathological changes with the consideration of the gender factor.
Rare neurology. A case of "locked−in" syndrome in ischemic stroke
27 - 30
Up−to−date data related to "locked in" syndrome are reported. A clinical case of "locked−in" syndrome in a patient with ischemic stroke is described.
New criteria of cardiac rhythm turbulence in assessment of the risk of life−threatening ventricular arrhythmias in patients with obturation hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
31 - 35
The parameters of autonomic rhythm regulation at Holter ECG monitoring in patients with obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with ventricular rhythm disorders were investigated. In addition to the generally accepted electrocardiographic risk predictors of life−threatening ventricular arrhythmias (decreased variability of cardiac rhythm, changes of ST, dispersion and prolongation of QT interval) the parameters of the heart rhythm turbulence were analyzed, which proved the possibility of prognosis of the risk of life−threatening ventricular arrhythmias at circadian monitoring.
A new anti−arrhythmia drug Dronedaron: the prospects of application in patients with atrial fibrillation
35 - 40
Using the literature data, the information about a new anti−arrhythmic drug Dronedaron, which was created by modification of amiodaron molecule capable of improvement the prognosis in patients with atrial fibrillation, was systematized.
The peculiarities of myocardium contractile capability diagnosis in anesthesiology practice
41 - 46
The literature about diagnostic capabilities of functional determining myocardium contractile capability is reviewed. The most frequently used in clinical practice techniques are described with featuring the physiological criteria of their application from anesthesiology perspective. Interrelation between some parameters characterizing myocardium contractility as well as prognostic markers determining anesthesia tactics are demonstrated. The necessity to individualize the functional investigation of the myocardium contractility in patents with coronary artery disease is shown.
Significance of brain natriuretic propeptide in diagnosis of myocardial dysfunction in children with congenital heart defects
46 - 50
The original investigation of 88 children with congenital heart defects, which was used to study plasma cerebral natriuretic propeptide content and its correlation with the findings of instrumental investigations of the heart, are presented. This allows improving early diagnosis of myocardial dysfunction and heart failure in this category of patients.
The choice of treatment method in perimenopausal uterine bleedings
51 - 54
The causes of perimenopausal uterine bleedings are analyzed depending on their etiology. The algorithm of treatment tactics choice is given.
Contemporary aspects of the pathogenesis and treatment for endocrine infertility
55 - 59
The literature data about the pathogenesis, causes, clinical forms, diagnosis, and treatment for endocrine infertility are reported. The causes and development of polycystic ovary syndrome as well as the schemes of ovulation stimulation are described.
The causes of perineum rupture and their treatment
60 - 62
Seventy two patients with grade III perineum rupture and anus sphincter insufficiency due to the injury during delivery were operated. The suggested surgery technique, sphincterolevateroplasty, improved by the author promotes successful surgical correction.
Pathogenesis of preeclampsia
62 - 66
The obtained experimental data show that preeclampsia severity degree depends on blood serum neuron−specific enolase concentration in pregnant women. This can be used as an early method of preeclampsia diagnosis and therefore early treatment can be provided.
Analysis of neurological symptom−complex in patients with mediastinal neoplasms accompanied by compression syndrome of mediastinal organs
67 - 71
The findings of the analysis of the group of neurological syndromes and signs are reported for 334 patients with mediastinum neoplasms (MN) accompanied by compression syndrome of mediastinal organs treated at hospital of Institute of General and Urgent Surgery (Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine) within the period of 1992−2007. A number of disputable questions about clinical signs of various MN were solved based on the performed topographo−anatomical investigations of the mediastinum structure. A symptom−complex characteristic for MN of different histological types and locations was formulated. The origin of neurological state disorders in this category of patients was determined.
Surgical treatment of patients with cicatrical trachea stenosis
72 - 76
The peculiarities of surgical treatment of patients with cicatrical trachea stenosis are presented. The methods of suturing fenestrated trachea defect and fixation of intratracheal anastomosis area at circular trachea resection were suggested. The results of the suggested technique were investigated.
Donor bed restoration after flap coverage of soft tissue defects of extremities
76 - 78
The data about the methods of the donor bed restoration after flap coverage of the soft tissue defects of extremities, improved by the authors, are presented.
Significance of molecular genetic investigations at breast cancer
79 - 82
The data about up−to−date molecular genetic investigations at breast cancer as well as the information about St Gallen Consensus 2009 on adjuvant therapy for primary operable breast cancer are presented.
Early diagnosis of thyroid cancer in persons from the risk group
82 - 85
Comparative assessment of cytology and histology investigations in persons with different thyroid pathologies was performed. It was noted that increase of the number of punctures of various nodes and areas of one node allowed to improve the quality of cytological diagnosis of combined thyroid pathology up to 92 % and to reveal neoplastic processes in persons with benign thyroid pathology. Revealing combined thyroid pathology aid in the choice of treatment tactics.
Polymerase chain reaction in diagnosis of meningococcal meningitis
86 - 90
Application of polymerase chain reaction with the primers for identification and serogrouping Neisseria meningitidis in patients with purulent bacterial meningitis allows a considerable increase of the level of meningococcal meningitis diagnosis and is an essential and necessary addition to bacteriological method.
The influence of herpetic infection on chorion tissue morphology and thrombocyte state in pregnant
90 - 95
The influence of herpetic infection on chorion tissue morphology and thrombocytes state in pregnant was investigated. A direct correlation between the threat of miscarriage due to the presence of fibrin degradation products in the blood of the women with herpes simplex virus, non−developing pregnancy as a result of blood thrombocyte amount reduction was revealed. It was shown that the pregnant with herpetic infection should be considered a high risk group. They need therapeutic preventive measures from the gestation beginning.
The role of Doppler investigation of uterine veins branches in differential diagnosis of uterine body and endometrium tumors
96 - 99
The data about the capabilities of Doppler investigation of uterine vein branches in differential diagnosis of uterine and endometrium tumors are presented. The criteria of disorders in maximum systolic rate and index of vascular resistance in these diseases were determined.
Ultrasound guidance of regional anesthesia at surgery on the lower extremities
99 - 103
The advantages of regional anesthesia ultrasound control consisting in the puncture accuracy, independence of external anatomical landmarks, possibility of puncture at different peculiarities of the anatomy of the investigated area and anatomical variants of the nerve structure are shown.
Indolamin−2,3−dioxygenase, a new target of antitumor immunotherapy
104 - 110
The data about indolamin−2, 3−dioxygenase (IDO) expression in tumor sites are generalized. Immune−suppression properties of the enzyme are described; antitumor approaches including the use of IDO inhibitors are featured.
Assessment of automobile transport pollution influence on general population morbidity rate parameters
111 - 113
Morbidity rate in pregnant residing on the territories adjacent to the international highway Baku − Gazakh − border of Georgia passing more than 30 thousand automobiles a day with 25% annual increase of the intensity was investigated. It was revealed that the incidence of anemia and other pathologies not associated with pregnancy is 3 times higher that in women residing at a distance from the highway. The obtained results suggest considerable negative influence of automobile pollution on the population health.
Frequency of thyroid pathology diagnosis in oil industry workers using ultrasonography at preventive check−ups
114 - 116
The frequency of thyroid pathology in oil industry workers of Azerbaijan was investigated using ultrasound diagnosis at preventive check−ups. It is shown that the use of ultrasonography allowed to reveal 6,13±0,6 new cases of the pathology per 100 investigated. Reasonability of including thyroid ultrasonography to the list of obligatory diagnostic tests at preventive examinations of the persons occupied in dangerous industries was noted.
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