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№2' 2012


Family dysfunction at depressive personality disorders in the wife
6 - 10
The findings of psychodiagnostic investigation of family functioning at depressive personality disorders of different origin in the wife are reported. The causes and manifestations of family function disorders are shown at affective disorders and neurotic depressions in the wife. The authors conclude about the necessity of differential approach to correction of family health disturbance at these disorders.
Personality features in spouses and their combinations in married couples as a provocative or preventive factor of family deadaptation development
11 - 19
Based on psychodiagnostic investigation of 210 married couples with family deadaptation and 50 adapted married couples, personality peculiarities of spouses and their combinations in a married couple were investigated. Personological peculiarities of male and female spouses with personality disorders as well as men and women with neurotic disorders and their spouses and healthy married couples with deadaptation were analyzed, which allowed to distinguish personality features and their combinations in the couple, which can be the factor of predicting/prevention of family deadaptation development.
Psychosocial aspects of nutritional behavior disorders and physical activity of schoolchildren residing in Kharkiv region
20 - 24
With the purpose to reveal the prevalence of independent social psychological predictors of forming excessive body weight in teen−agers from Kharkiv region and their role in development of obesity, 732 schoolchildren were investigated using Beck−Youth questionnaire; additional questioning of the parents and children using the original program was performed. It was established that increased body mass in children of Kharkiv region results in formation of psychological deadaptation with its main features of decreased self−esteem, increased anxiety level and depression, significantly correlating with the duration of sedentary extra−school activity, irregular meals, neglected breakfasts and, in less degree, lunches at addiction to sweets.
The analysis of clinical manifestations of lumbar spinal stenosis
25 - 28
The findings of clinical examination of 317 patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) are analyzed. The peculiarities of manifestations of various forms of spinal stenosis of central, lateral and combined were determined. The results of complex diagnosis at LSS allowed to state that only general investigation of the patients using not only visualization methods but also detailed clinical analysis can allow to work out a rational tactics of treatment and predict severity of the disease course.
Assessment of the quality of life in patients with long−term consequences of combat brain injury
29 - 31
The questions of long−term consequences of combat brain injury as one of the most important medico−social problems are featured. One of the new criteria of efficacy and rehabilitation measures widely used in the countries with a high medicine standards, assessment of the quality of life using EuroQol−5D (EQ−5D) questionnaire, is described.
Clinical significance of endothelial dysfunction in children with relapsing obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma
32 - 36
The state of endothelial function was investigated by the activity of blood serum endothein−1 and nitric oxide metabolites in 147 children with relapsing obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma. The presence of endothelial dysfunction more pronounced in patients with exacerbations, which manifested as vasoconstriction, increased mean pressure in the pulmonary artery, endothelin−1 level and nitrates against a background of reduced nitrites level, was established. The changes in the levels of endothelium−dependent factors depending on the stage of the disease and its severity were revealed.
The characteristics of diastolic function of the left ventricle in pre−term newborns depending on the type of respiratory therapy in early neonatal period
37 - 39
Ddiastolic function of the left ventricle was investigated in 97 pre−term newborns with gestation period of 23−37 weeks in early neonatal period of life depending on the day of life and type of respiratory support of the child. It was established that the indices of the blood flow velocity of early diastolic filling of the left ventricle did not prevail over the parameters of the blood flow velocity of late filling, diastolic function of the left ventricle indirectly reflected the state of pulmonary circulation improvement, which is observed in children with spontaneous respiration under positive pressure by day 3 of life and in children with artificial respiration by day 4.
The analysis of therapeutic efficacy of anticonvulsants in children with symptomatic epilepsy
40 - 43
The findings of analysis of the efficacy of various anticonvulsants in children with symptomatic epilepsy are presented.
Cocarnit efficacy in complex therapy in patients with systemic diseases of the connective tissue with myocardium involvement and manifestations of heart failure
44 - 49
The study involved 41 patients with clinical instrumental findings suggesting myocardium involvement against a background of connective tissue systemic diseases and manifestations of class I−III chronic heart failure. It is shown that administration of a complex metabolic drug Cocanit in addition to the standard therapy of systemic diseases of the connective tissue resulted in more pronounced clinical improvement of the patients, promoted clinical improvement of the state of the patients on day 15 of the observation, decreased the number of the patients with class III heart failure, increased the distance covered by the patients during 6−minute walking test when compared with those receiving basic therapy. It was revealed that Cocanit was positively assessed by the patients, did not produce side−effects necessitating the drug withdrawal. The laboratory findings at the end of the study (ALT, AST, bilirubin, creatinin, hemoglobin) did not change significantly, which also proved good tolerance of the drug.
Diagnostic function of left ventricle in children with secondary cardiomyopathy
50 - 53
The study involved 65 children with secondary cardiomyopathy. The types of disorders of left ventricle myocardium diastolic function depending on the type of disorders of repolarization processes were revealed.
The role of fatty tissue hormones in development of insulin resistance in patients with hypertension disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus
54 - 57
The role of fatty tissue hormones in development of insulin resistance in patients with hypertension disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus was investigated.
Efficacy of omega−3 PUFA in patients with arterial hypertension associated with metabolic syndrome and accompanying type 2 diabetes mellitus
58 - 62
Administration of omega−3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omacor) in patients with arterial hypertension associated with metabolic syndrome and accompanying type 2 diabetes mellitus was investigated based on the analysis of the level of circadian rhythm of arterial pressure and indices of lipid spectrum of the blood. The efficacy and reasonability of Omacor administration in treatment of such patients are shown.
A method of endometrium preparation to implantation in women with endocrine infertility
63 - 67
The methods of endometrium preparation to implantation using Duphaston and nitric oxide (NO) separately and in combination were investigated. It was shown that combined administration of Duphaston and NO promoted maturation, normalization of the thickness and structure of the endometrium as well as restoration of hormonal background disorders in women with endocrine infertility.
The peculiarities of pneumonia course in pregnant − a glance at the problem from the perspective of a modern doctor
67 - 71
The course of pneumonia was investigated in pregnant as well as the efficacy of scales PSI, CUPB−65 and Coopland at assessment of the state of such patients were investigated. Risk factors of development of severe pneumonia in pregnant were revealed. Recommendations for general practitioners for these patents were worked out.
Combined resection of the stomach and large intestine in surgical treatment for local gastric cancer
72 - 76
The results of surgery of 83 patients with gastric cancer who were performed combined gastrectomy or resection of the stomach D2 with colon resection were analyzed. It is shown that post−operative complications occurred in 14.5% (12 patients), post−operative and general death rate was 6.0% and 9.6% (5 and 8 patients), respectively.
The choice of cholecystectomy technique in coal industry workers with respiratory pathology
77 - 80
The parameters of central hemodynamics, gas composition and acid−base balance of the blood were analyzed in workers of coal industry with respiratory diseases and cholelithiasis depending on the method of cholecystectomy. It is shown that laparotomy is a more reasonable method of surgical treatment in patients with accompanying professional disease of the respiratory organs when compared with laparoscopy.
Intra−arterial chemotherapy in combination treatment for operable gastric cancer with metastases to the liver
81 - 84
A method of catheterization of hepatic artery at palliative surgery in patients with gastric cancer and metastases to the liver was worked out and introduced at Donetsk Regional Antitumor Center. This method was used in 56 patients with operable cancer of the stomach with metastases to the liver, which allowed increasing the duration and improving the quality of life of the patients.
Contemporary aspects of diagnosis and treatment for ovarian cancer
85 - 89
The literature data about the diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer are presented. Main treatment methods are analyzed.
Assessment of functional activity of antithrombin III using the test of thrombin generation in cancer patients
89 - 93
A method of assessment of functional activity of antithrombin III based on the test of thrombin generation in cancer patients using all parameters of inhibition of thrombin generation, which allows to determine predisposition to thromboembolic complications and individualize anticoagulation prevention and treatment, was suggested.
New capabilities in treatment of infantile hemangiomas using Propranolol
94 - 103
Modern methods of treatment for infantile hemangіomas (IH) are featured. Molecular mechanisms of Propranolol action promoting its use at this pathology are described. The results of clinical effects of the drug are reported. The advantages of Propranolol are shown when compared with other drugs used in IH treatment as well as capabilities of optimization of the regimen of dosage of this drug are shown.
Metabolite and metabolitotropic drugs in the system of stress protection
103 - 108
The literature data about biochemical mechanisms of action of metabolite drugs resulting in restoration of disturbed functions of the organism and its protection in the conditions of stress are presented.
Ultrasound control of thoracic paravertebral blockade for programmed anesthesia
109 - 112
A technique of thoracic paravertebral blockage under ultrasound control is presented. It is shown that it promotes prolonged adequate programmed anesthesia of thoracic pain and can be a method of choice in patients with degenerative changes in the intervertebral space.
Radiation methods of diagnosis of degenerative dystrophic changes in cervical spine
113 - 116
Diagnostic capabilities of radiation methods (radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography) in diagnosis of degenerative dystrophic changes of the cervical spine are featured.
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