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№1' 2013


International Medical Journal, Vol. 19., Iss. 1, 2013, P. 82−91.

The peculiarities of lymphodissection at combined gastrectomy at surgical treatment for local cancer of the stomach

Valerii Volodymyrovych Boiko, Lasirsky V. A., Savvi S. A., Lykhman V. N.

SI Institute of General and Urgent Surgery of AMS of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine;Kharkiv National Medical University, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Abstract. Treatment of complicated gastric cancer is an urgent issue. About 80% of patients are admitted with stage III and IV disease. Long−term surgery results depend on the volume of lymphodissection. The authors report the results of surgery of 338 patients with complicated local cancer of the stomach. Gastrectomy with lymphodissection D2 was performed in 131 patients, 207 underwent palliative and symptomatic surgery. The variants of vasal lymphodissection with bandaging the branches of abdominal trunk were developed. Removal of hepatoduodenal ligament with portal plastic surgery was applied. Post−operative complications developed in 128 patients, post−operative and general death rate parameters were 62 and 77, respectively. The results can be used in surgical treatment for gastric cancer with lymphadenopathy. Thus, gastric tumor invasion to the adjacent organs with lymphademnopathy are not the sign of inoperability even with life threatening complications.

Key words: complicated local cancer of the stomach, surgery, lymphodissection.

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