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№1' 2015


International Medical Journal, Vol. 21., Iss. 1, 2015, P. 40−44.


Kozub M. I., Kozub M. M.

Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

The literature on treatment and postoperative rehabilitation of patients with ectopic pregnancy is reviewed. It is stressed that the existing methods of treatment do not allow complete restoration of the anatomical and functional integrity of the fallopian tubes and ciliated secretory epithelium. One of the methods of substitution of the dead muscle cells of the fallopian tubes is stem cell therapy. When administered systemically to the circulation, mesenchymal stem cells repopulate selectively the foci of tissue injury regardless of the tissue type. When they are administered systemically in the bloodstream of recipient animals, immature cells implant different organs and tissues, differentiating into blood cells, adipocytes, cartilage cells, fibroblasts, myocytes. The main contenders for the role of stem cells in skeletal muscles are satellite cells. Satellite cells and their developmental precursors derived from somites are direct sources of muscle cells. Myogenic precursor cells contained in the bone marrow are earlier than satellite cells myogenic precursors. They are able to migrate and reach the vascular bed of connective tissue damage. Genetic modification of stem cells gives new impetus to development of cellular technologies and their introduction into clinical practice. Owing to the ability to overcome the genetic defect ex vivo and embedding the full gene into stem cells of the patient, it is possible to solve a number of problems, including overcoming the barrier of HLA−histocompatibility with allogeneic transplants. One of the major challenges to development of cell therapy is to provide conditions for survival of transplanted cells. Genetic modification can aid achievement of not only enhancement of vitality but also correct metabolic processes, enhance proliferative and differentiation potential of stem cells to direct their differentiation in the right direction. The ability of some types of stem cells to migrate directly (homing) to the focus of tissue destruction and tumor growth will allow to use them for delivery of therapeutic products and suicide gene.

Key words: ectopic pregnancy, stem cells, therapy.

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