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№3' 2015


The role of microelementosis in pathogenesis of respiratory disorders at chronic rheumatic heart disease
5 - 8
The role of microelementosis in the pathogenesis of respiratory disorders was defined at chronic rheumatic heart disease. Increased blood cadmium with reduction of cuprum, zinc and plumbum were observed. Microelementosis participates in pathogenic formation of pulmonary hypertension and increase of vascular resistance, increasing the size of the right heart ventricle, disorders of moisture production, diffusing, conditioning and surfactant−forming respiratory functions. The role of each microcell has its own characteristics and the levels of cupremia and zinkemia have prognostic significance.
Efficiency of treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome using operative laparoscopy
9 - 12
The efficiency of treatment with operative laparoscopy of polycystic ovary syndrome was determined. It was found that surgical treatment of women with this syndrome normalizes the content of sex and gonadotropin−releasing hormones in the blood plasma, most completely if correction of existing genital and extra−genital disorders, including the leading pathogenetic link in onset of polycystic ovary (hyperprolactinemia, hyperandrogenism, insulin resistance) was performed.
Surgical tactics and methods of surgical management of complicated diabetic foot
13 - 15
The author reports the results of treatment of 260 patients with complicated course of diabetic foot syndrome. It is noted that to increase the effectiveness, surgery should be performed as an urgent procedure under general anesthesia, with preliminary diagnosis and individual approach to each patient. The technique of performing operations and postoperative care proposed by the author has reduced the number of infectious postoperative complications to 11.8 %, postoperative mortality 8 %.
Etiopathogenetic aspects of genital prolapse in perimenopausal period
16 - 20
Etiopathogenetic aspects of genital prolapse were studied in a perimenopausal period by the clinical examination and history study of 15 women with the prolapse of the vagina wall and stress incontinence. The etiopathogenetic features of perimenopausal disorders in women with genital prolapse are age, parity, different obstetric−gynecological complications and diseases, surplus weight, vascular pathology associating with dysplasia of connective tissues. Further research can allow opening new directions in diagnosis, correction and prevention of the above pathology.
Ways of improving the results of treatment of advanced forms of ovarian cancer
21 - 25
The literature data on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with ovarian cancer are presented. Main methods of treatment are analyzed. It was noted that development of new algorithms for diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer, especially its advanced forms, based on the study of molecular−biological properties of the tumor obtained by the use of diagnostic laparoscopy, as well as introduction of nanotechnology in creation of anti−tumor drugs can improve the results of the treatment.
Hemodynamic, morphological and functional features of ischemic stroke at atherosclerotic plaques of cerebral arteries
26 - 31
Hemodynamic and morphofunctional parameters were investigated in 117 patients in an acute period of cerebral ischemic stroke. It was determined that severity and variability of hemodynamic characteristics of patients with cerebral ischemic stroke depended on the size of the atherosclerotic plaque and type of anomalies of cerebral arteries.
Peculiarities of vegetative dystonia syndrome in patients with posttraumatic epilepsy
32 - 35
The article presents the literature review and analysis of the original observations of vegetative dystonia syndrome in patients with posttraumatic epilepsy. Clinical and neurophysiological peculiarities of cardiac disturbances and headache as manifestations of vegetative dystonia syndrome in patients of this group were investigated. The role of the vegetative disorders in formation of clinical presentation of posttraumatic epilepsy was determined.
Medical psychological characteristics of the patients with psychosomatic and somatoform disorders in the context of clinical psychophenomenological study
36 - 44
Medical psychological characteristics of the patients with somatoform disorders and psychosomatic diseases, in particular disorders of the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems, asthma, essential hypertension, peptic ulcer and/or duodenal ulcer), were analyzed. The study of these characteristics in the specified group will allow, on the one hand, obtaining information on important aspects of the personality organization of individuals, outlining the range of medical and psychological predictors of psychosomatic disorders and somatoform disorders, on the other hand, to compare the obtained psychophenomenological characteristics with determining pathophysiological views and psychotechnical approaches in the sphere of medical psychology.
The peculiarities of psychogenic component of psychoendocrine syndrome in functional disorders of the thyroid gland
44 - 50
The dynamics of nosogenic psychotraumatization factors in psychopathogenesis of psychoendocrine syndrome at hyper− and hypothyroidism were identified and compared based on the results of investigation of 60 patients. Three groups of predictors of psychotraumatization were revealed in each nosological entity. Dynamic taxonomy of nosogenic predictors of trauma was developed. Their comparative interpretation in the structure of hyper− and hypothyroidism was performed in order to select a congruent methodological support of correction and prevention.
Blood pressure and cognitive functions in patients with arterial hypertension in the remote period after stroke
50 - 54
The peculiarities of interrelation of blood pressure and cognitive functions of patients with arterial hypertension were studied in the remote period after stroke. Slight and moderate cognitive impairment occurred in 74.2 and 25.8 % of the patients. The correlations of daily indicators of blood pressure with attention and memory, and their variability and heart rate with emotional intelligence were determined.
Efficacy of cryogenically preserved mesenchymal placenta stem cells in correction of oxidative state in type 2 diabetes mellitus
55 - 58
The ability of mesenchymal placenta stem cells to weaken development of oxidative stress and increase the activity of antioxidant system at intravitreal and systemic administration was revealed, which can ensure blocking of the main pathogenetic links in development of diabetic retinopathy and thus help to preserve vision of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
The results of application of L−arginine in patients with primary open−angle glaucoma
59 - 62
The effect of L−arginine on the performance of nitric oxide and endothelin−1, as well as the progression of primary open−angle glaucoma was determined. It was found that application of L−arginine to the treatment of these patients exerts correcting influence upon the activity of endothelial NO−synthase, promotes a 28.7 % decrease of inducible NO−synthase activity, 65.0 % increase of S−nitrosothiols concentration and 19.6 % decrease of endothelin−1 level, as well as contributes to more than 30 % reduction of the glaucoma progression frequency.
Pharmacotherapy of metabolic skeletal lesions against a background of recurrent nephrolithiasis
63 - 69
The data from world literature on treatment of metabolic involvement of the skeleton bones against a background of recurrent nephrolythiasis were analyzed. Basic groups of medication used for this purpose were discussed: vitamin D and its active metabolites, bisphosphonates, citrates and thiazides. Bisphosphonates can be described as medication of choice for renal osteodystrophy against a background of nephrolythiasis.
Biochemical indicators of cerebrospinal fluid in patients with acute meningococcal end enteroviral meningitis
70 - 74
Clinical and laboratory features of acute purulent and serous meningitis were determined. Both the indicators of routine laboratory tests and biochemical parameters, cortisol level in the cerebrospinal fluid in patients with acute meningococcal and enteroviral meningitis in the course of the disease were evaluated. The CSF level of cortisol, lactate, and cholinesterase can be used to assess the severity and prognosis of the disease.
Qualitative and quantitative determining of peptidoglycan in patients with purulent bacterial meningitis by plasma of silkworm larvae
74 - 76
Visual changes and quantitative indicators of peptidoglycan in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with acute meningitis were revealed by reaction with plasma of silkworm larvae. Qualitative and quantitative determining of peptidoglycan in the cerebrospinal fluid is promising for early diagnosis and differential diagnosis of acute meningitis of different etiologies.
Clinical epidemiological monitoring of antidiphtheria nonspecific immune protection in children on the stages of hepatitis A
77 - 80
The indices of cellular and humoral immunity in children on the stages of hepatitis A and their influence on the state of active artificial antitoxic immunity to diphtheria in the previously vaccinated children under 14 were analyzed. The obtained findings can be applied on the stages of clinical epidemiological monitoring, in particular in a prevaccination period with the purpose of immunological determination of indications for vaccination.
The features of immune regulation in patients with HCV infection
81 - 87
The findings of investigation of clinical and pathogenic role of the changes in immune regulation in patients with hepatitis C are presented. The indices of cellular and humoral immunity as well as the dynamics of the levels of immune response mediators are analyzed for assessment of the orga−nism reaction to HIV infection and prognosis of the disease consequences. Immune status features considering the virus genotype, course, replicative and biochemical activity of hepatitis C are described. Criteria for prognosis of the course and outcomes of acute hepatitis C were worked out.
Structural changes of the cervix in women with chronic endocervicitis against a background of cervical pseudoerrosion
88 - 92
The results of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of structural changes in the cervix in chronic endocervicitis depending on the availability of the history of labor and pregnancy in women with cervical pseudoerrosion are presented.
Clinical and ultrasound characteristics and comprehensive treatment of women of reproductive age with adhesion process of the pelvic organs
93 - 95
The efficiency Longidaza(r) was investigated; the use of Longidaza®as monotherapy and in combination with physical therapy was substantiated in women of reproductive age with adhesion process of the pelvic organs based on the clinical studies, the results of the transvaginal ultrasonography.
Professor Borys V. Mykhailov (to the 65th birthday)
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