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№1' 2017


International Medical Journal, Vol. 23., Iss. 1, 2017, P. 29−33.


Usenko O. Yu., Sydiuk A. V., Klimas A. S.

O. O. Shalimov National Institute of Surgery, Kyiv, Ukraine

This review presents the results of literature search on existing methods and approaches to formation of esophagogastrostomy in patients with diseases of the esophagus. It is stated that esophageal reconstruction after esophagectomy remains a major problem in surgery of the esophagus, and the problem of reliability of the junction remains urgent until now as anastomotic failure is a common cause of deaths. The purpose of the work was to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various types of esophagogastrostomy in patients with diseases of the esophagus. The authors describe the variants of forming esophagogastrostomy by location, method and technique features of anastomoses. Advantages and disadvantages of contemporary techniques and methods of formation of esophageal−gastric anastomoses, submersible, plastic, invagination anastomoses, which are formed using two−three−lane stitches and anastomoses performed using suture devices, are described. A newly developed by National O. O. Shalimov Institute of Surgery and Transplantology method of mechanical invagination esophagogastrstomy is described. Criteria for assessment of the effectiveness of the method were formulated. The findings of the research suggest that the method of forming esophageal anastomosis is a separate important issue of esophageal surgery. Despite the presence of numerous developments concerning the methods of esophagogastrostomy, a number of its aspects are controversial and a perfect anastomosis has not been created yet. The work with scientific sources suggests that the final result depends not only on the used method, but also on the experience of the surgeon and accuracy of the technical performance of the chosen method, individual approach to the patient and relevance of the method to the principles of optimal healing of anastomosis.

Key words: esophagus, stomach, anastomosis.

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