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№1' 2018


Functional state of the right heart chambers in newborns of perinatal risk group in the neonatal period
5 - 10
The functional state of the right heart chambers in neonatal infants from the perinatal risk group in the neonatal period was investigated according to comprehensive evaluation of ultrasound findings with tissue Doppler imaging. Follow−up examination showed normalization of the diastolic function in 3/4 of premature infants from the age group of 5−6 months, stabilization of the diastolic function in 1/3 of children by the age of 6−8 months.
Capabilities of pharmacotherapy for vascular rigidity in patients with cardiovascular pathology
11 - 15
An urgent problem of modern cardiology is the early detection of cardiovascular diseases and the appointment of effective therapy. Vessels are one of the main target organs affected by cardiovascular pathology. Increased arterial stiffness and early vascular aging are a direct consequence of the majority of diseases. This article discusses some aspects of the pharmacological correction of vascular rigidity with the use of statins and angiotensin II receptor blockers.
Uncomplicated hypertensive crisis management in family practice
16 - 19
The article presents the main data on classification and therapeutic approaches to the management of uncomplicated hypertensive crisis in outpatient clinical practice. The rational pathogenetic approaches to administration of various drugs to correct hypertensive crises are highlighted.
Modern view on the capabilities of antihypertensive therapy in patients with a combination of arterial hypertension and bronchial asthma (literature review)
19 - 24
The literature data on mutual exacerbation of bronchopulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, their complex treatment are analyzed. The questions of diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention in patients with arterial hypertension and bronchial asthma are discussed. Particular attention is paid to the search for pathogenetically substantiated antihypertensive therapy.
The problem of acute pain in general practice: etiology, diagnosis, treatment
25 - 28
An urgent medical and social issue of pain is featured. It is emphasized that inadequate anesthesia prolongs the recovery period, increases the cost of treatment, results in cardiovascular and other complications, chronic pathology and reduces the quality of life. The primary task of the doctor is adequate treatment for acute pain syndrome and prevention of its transformation into chronic pain.
Interleukin−22 and anthropometrics parameters relations in patients with hypertension
29 - 32
The relation of the anthropometric and hemodynamic indices to interleukin−22 serum level in patients with essential hypertension was studied. A significant increase in the hemodynamic parameters values in relation to the increase of interleukin−22 may indicate prohypertensive effect of cytokine. It was also revealed that the patients with the highest levels of serum interleukin−22 were characterized by significantly higher anthropometric indices.
The choice of the volume of surgical treatment in patients with diseases of the common bile duct complicated by mechanical jaundice
33 - 38
An informational model for choosing the volume of surgical treatment in patients with benign and malignant diseases of the common bile duct complicated by mechanical jaundice was developed. Discriminative analysis was used to calculate the discriminating coefficients for each variant of intervention according to the statistical data. The practice proves that the information model is effective and pathogenetically grounded.
Prognosis of operative and anesthesiological risk in bariatric surgery with P−POSSUM scale
39 - 42
The results of surgical treatment of the patients with morbid obesity who underwent sleeve−gastrectomy or biliopancreatic diversion in Hess − Marceau modification were analyzed. P−POSSUM scale was applied for prognosis operative and anesthesiological risk in these patients. The results of the study showed that the use of P−POSSUM in bariatric surgery leads to a significant overestimation of the risk of early postoperative morbidity and mortality.
Prevention of postoperative intestinal paresis after colon surgery
43 - 46
The results of treatment of 107 patients undergoing obstructive and reconstructive surgery on the colon were analyzed. A program for prevention and treatment of postoperative intestinal paresis promoting early recovery of the gastrointestinal tract and preventing development of complications was suggested.
The course and outcome of pregnancy in women with ovarian endometriosis after application of assisted reproductive technologies
47 - 51
The authors present a new method of infertility treatment in women with ovarian endometriosis by assisted reproductive technologies and therapy with vitamin D. Its influence on the immunological state, course of pregnancy, condition of the fetus and newborn was determined.
The role of thyroid hormones in female reproductive system functioning
51 - 54
The analysis of specialized scientific literature on the relation of thyroid dysfunction and reproductive system functioning allowed to obtain the findings suggesting that disorders in the hypothalamicpituitary−thyroid system significantly affect the reproductive function in women and are frequently an accompanying pathology of the underlying causes of female infertility, and can lead to early abortion. It is emphasized that evaluation of thyroid function should be included in the examination algorithm of pregnant women, as well as women with infertility.
Comparative analysis of the morphological and histochemical state of the endometrium after oocyte aspiration at different luteal phase support schemes
55 - 59
The results of the study of morphological and histochemical changes in the endometrium in female donors were analyzed after the use of different schemes of luteal phase support on the fifth day after oocyte aspiration. It was concluded that the most pronounced endometrial readiness to blastocyst implantation was observed in women receiving highly purified progesterone for subcutaneous administration in combination with its intravaginal form (gel, 90 mg).
Protein and carbohydrate metabolism disorders in patients with malignant tumors of the intestine
60 - 63
The results of investigation of protein and carbohydrate metabolism disorders in primary patients with local colorectal cancer are presented. Imbalance of both essential and nonessential amino acids as well as profound disorders of carbohydrate metabolism was established.
Contemporary views on the etiology and pathogenesis of ovarian cancer
64 - 67
New data about the etiology and pathogenesis of ovarian cancer which have not only fundamental but also important clinical significance, since they allows forming scientifically substantiated risk groups are presented. The studies have shown that epithelial ovarian cancer is not a single disease and consists of a heterogeneous group of tumors that can be classified according to the morphological and molecular genetic features.
Modern approaches to the therapy of pediatric alopecia areata
68 - 73
The analysis of international guidelines shows that an evidence−based protocol for treating alopecia areata has not been developed yet. The majority of evidence of the therapy effectiveness in a pediatric group of patients is based on the data about treating alopecia areata in adults and is characterized by even lower level of reliability of the evidence base. While choosing the treatment tactic in children it is important to compare the risk level of the prescribed drugs, the disease severity and expected therapeutic effect.
The state of intestinal microflora in patients with seborrheic dermatitis
73 - 79
The article presents the results of the study of the composition of colon microflora in 42 patients with seborrheic dermatitis. Dysbiosis of the large intestine (grade 1 − 36.4 %, grade 2 − 45.5 %, grade 3 − 18.1 %) was revealed in 78.6 % of patients. The analysis of the qualitative and quantitative composition of the intestinal microflora revealed correlation of the degree of severity of seborrheic dermatitis and the degree of microbiological disorders, clinical type, severity and duration of the dermatosis. The possible role of intestinal dysbiosis in the mechanism of seborrheic dermatitis development is discussed.
Postoperative analgesia of geriatric patients with multiple trauma
80 - 84
The effectiveness and safety of nalbuphine for postoperative analgesia in geriatric patients with multiple trauma were evaluated. It was determined that this analgesic was not associated with the etiopathogenetic links of the pain syndrome but only with the interruption of nociceptive impulses.
The role of endothelioprotection in treatment of traumatic disease in patients with elevated body mass index
85 - 88
The effectiveness of critical state treatment in patients with elevated body mass index and improvement of their quality of life after the discharge from the hospital was investigated by the example of traumatic disease in multiple trauma by differentiating the choice of intensive care complex. It was revealed that in order to maintain endothelial functions at the active level and decelerate realization of the apoptotic cascade, it was necessary to use a stepwise approach in the form of endothelioprotective agents when transferring the patient from the intensive care unit for a year after the injury.
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