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№3' 2019



Effectiveness of antihypertensive therapy in comorbidity of arterial hypertension and obesity depending on physical activity
5 - 9
The results on effectiveness of antihypertensive therapy in comorbidity of arterial hypertension and obesity, depending on the patients physical activity have been presented. It has been found that physical activity as a component of the combined 6−month treatment of hypertensive patients with obesity influenced the dynamics of cardiovascular remodelling, anthropometric and biochemical indices.
Improvement of efficiency of primary hemostasis using Sengstaken − Blakemore tube in patients with portal hypertension
10 - 19
The results of treatment of patients with acute episode of bleeding from esophageal and stomach varices in the patients with liver cirrhosis were studied. Applying for treatment of the obturator probe balloons of the ointment with a combined composition containing an antibacterial drug, proline amino acid, and oxidized cellulose improves the effectiveness of primary hemostasis, prevents the damaging effect on the esophagus mucous membrane and accelerates its regeneration processes, prevents an aggravation of liver functional state by reducing the frequency of relapses and can be used as an independent method of treating patients with bleeding from the esophageal varices on the background of portal hypertension, and after performing endoscopic sclerotherapy.
Protection of central and peripheral organs in aortic surgery
19 - 23
The use of central and peripheral organ protection methods by the results of the analysis of surgeries of the patients with acute dissecting aneurysms of a thoraco−abdominal localization has been assessed. A positive effect of hypothermia on spinal cord metabolism was noted. The tendency of a more favorable post−surgery period in the patients to whom these methods of protection were applied has been traced.
Efficiency of necrotomy and continuous drainage of burn zone with subfascial lesions
24 - 28
The treatment results for the patients with deep subfascial burns by the method of necrotomy with drainage and washing of the lesion area have been presented. The data obtained indicate a significant decrease in the level of intoxication in the patients of main group and the acceleration of repair and recovery processes in the burn zone, that contributed to the shortening of the treatment time in both free skin grafting and flap coverage of wound.
Features of fluid redistribution during goal−directed infusion therapy of high surgical risk patients in urgent surgery
29 - 32
The aqueous sectors of the patients in an urgent surgery during goal−directed infusion therapy were investigated. The new data on the features of fluid redistribution and formation mechanisms during goal−directed infusion correction of volume depletion in urgent surgery are presented. The initial deficiency of certain water sectors of the body, which determines the degree of volumetric depletion, has been shown.
Role of gestational endothelialopathy in development of intrauterine growth restriction in pregnant women with placental dysfunction
33 - 37
The role of gestational endothelialopathy in development of intrauterine growth restriction in pregnant women with placental dysfunctions was determined and the methods of predictive diagnosis have been introduced. The mentioned changes in endothelial−dependent vasodilation of vessels, the vascular−endothelial growth factor, thrombospondin, thrombomodulin, and thrombocyte−endothelial molecules of cell adhesion can be used as the early predictors of fetal growth restriction.
Peculiarities of pinopods formation in endometrium depending on luteal phase support in cycles of in vitro fertilization
38 - 43
The peculiarities of the formation of pinopods in the endometrium depending on the method of supporting the luteal phase when treating an infertility by the method of in vitro fertilization were studied. It has been proven that the patients the luteal phase of those was supported by means of the high−purified progesterone with a subcutaneous administration of 25 mg (1 ml) once daily and 90 mg of intrauterine progesterone as a gel showed the best results during pinopods formation.
Relationship between malignant tumor metabolism and tumor−bearing organism
44 - 48
The modern view on metabolic relationship between the malignant tumour and its carrier has been presented. It is shown that, as the cancer patients have metabolic disorders related to the reprogramming of energy metabolism in favour of a malignant tumour, the development of the ways to block this energy sources and plastic material to enter a cancer cell is being actively discussed to improve the treatment efficiency.
A rare clinical case of Wilson’s disease manifestation in early childhood
49 - 54
Pathogenetic mechanisms, main clinical forms, diagnostic criteria of Wilson’s disease, based on the results of neuroimaging, ophthalmic, laboratory examination and molecular genetic testing have been described. Modern recommendations for the treatment of this disease are provided. The clinical case of Wilson’s disease in a child of 8 months is exemplified.
Features of cerebral circulatory dynamics and cerebral bioelectric activity in children with craniocerebral injury
55 - 59
The features of cerebral hemodynamics and cerebral bioelectric activity in children with craniocerebral injury of different severity have been analysed. Its disorder in children with moderate and severe brain injury and presence of foci of contusions were found by an increase in linear velocity of blood flow. A decrease in linear blood flow velocity in the middle cerebral artery was observed in the patients with moderate and severe brain contusions and presence of subdural, subarachnoid, and epidural hemorrhages. The signs of diffuse changes in brain bioelectric activity were reported by a significant increase in &alpha−rhythm amplitude in moderate and severe trauma patients compared to mild one.
Immune status of Epstein − Barr virus−infected children with secretory middle otitis
60 - 64
The results of the examination of children with recurrent secretory otitis media have been presented. All the patients were tested for Epstein − Barr virus infection. Infected children had a reduced cell immunity, which resulted in relapses. It has been stated that antihypertensive and immune modulatory treatment can reduce the risk of otitis relapse in these patients.
Results of polarized light use for study of stress−strain state of cornea in pathology of extraocular muscles
65 - 69
The results of using the polarized light to study the cornea stress−strain state in pathology of extraocular muscles are presented. Examination of the shape of the interference pattern has shown that the horizontal eye deviation in most cases occurs due to the displacement of the upper rectus muscle attachment towards the inner rectus muscle. The normal attachment of the upper rectus muscle to the sclera results in an imbalance of horizontal muscles.
New approaches to treatment of age−related macular degeneration
70 - 72
The results of the study showed that the use of the drug "Visiloton Complex" for 6 months to treat the age−related macular degeneration contributed to the stabilization of visual functions and increased visual acuity in the patients older 50 years.
Markers of angiogenesis in patients with alopecia areata
73 - 78
The imbalance of angiogenesis markers has been shown. It is characterized by a change in the content of VEGF, sVEGFR1, EGF and the indices of the NO system, which can create conditions for the development of endothelial dysfunction, immune inflammatory responses and indicate their direct involvement into the mechanisms of alopecia areata formation. The results obtained indicate that the disorders of angiogenic factors can be considered as potential therapeutic targets in alopecia areata.
Chronic HCV−infection as a predictor of disease severity (case study)
79 - 82
The current data on a prevalence of chronic viral hepatitis C worldwide, in Ukraine and Kharkiv region heve been presented. The clinical case of the course and outcome of an acute viral hepatitis A on the background of previously undiagnosed HCV−infection is under consideration. The epidemic burden of this infection has been shown to worsen the course and prognosis of other diseases.
Measles virus elimination: resolved issues and future challenges
83 - 88
The analysis of the situation of the occurrence and activity of measles virus, attempts of its elimination and introduction to total vaccination programs have been presented. Taking into account the literature review, the challenges to a total elimination of measles virus have been described and the ways to solve them have been outlined.
Role of dopplerography in diagnosis of hemodynamic disorders in vertebral arteries with instability and arthrosis of atlanto−axial joints
89 - 92
The possibilities of dopplerography in the evaluation of hemodynamic disorders in vertebral arteries in the patients with instability and arthrosis of atlanto−axial joints have been shown. It was found that in these patients, the blood flow in the third segment of vertebral artery was significantly different from those in healthy people. Circulatory disturbances were manifested in lowering the maximum systolic rate and increasing the resistance index, especially when performing the functional loads in the form of rotary head movements.
Diagnostic radiology methods of degenerative changes in lumbar intervertebral discs in young people
93 - 96
Published data on diagnostic radiology methods to assess the degree of degenerative changes in intervertebral discs in young people have been presented. Possibilities of ultrasound examination in diagnosis of protrusion of lumbar intervertebral discs in adolescents of 16−18 years have been shown.
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