Kravchun P. G.

Koteliukh M. Yu., Kravchun P. G., Kozhyn M. I.
Features of content of energy and adipokine metaboliс indicators in patients with ST−segment elevation myocardial infarction and comorbidities after primary stenting of coronary arteries
5 - 10
Krapivko S. O., Kravchun P. H., Olefir A. I.
Correction of hyperglycemia, a predictor of endothelial dysfunction in petients with chronic heart failure
13 - 16
Kravchun P. H., Kadykova O. I., Ryndina N. H., Molotiahin D. H.
The role of G−308A variant of tumor necrosis factor−α gene in development of obesity in patients with coronary artery disease
11 - 13
Kravchun P. G., Gabisonia T. N.
Assessment of myocardium structural functional state and diastolic function in patients with stable angina and accompanying obesity
46 - 49
Belovol A. N., Kravchun P. G., Trifonova N. S., Ryndina N. G.
The state of the pro−inflammatory cytokine level in patients with unstable angina and type 2 diabetes mellitus depending on functional class of chronic heart failure
40 - 42
Mikhailova Yu. A., Kravchun P. G., Petiunina O. V., Lapshina L. A.
The influence of cardioprotection on the state of hemodyncmics at treatment of cardiorenal syndrome in patients with chronic heart failure and chronic kidney disease
44 - 49
Kravchun P. G., Mikhaylova Yu. A., Lapshina L. A., Petunina O. V.
The changes in the level of cytokines, glomerotubular markers, cardiohemodynamics in chronic heart failure and its combination with kidney disease
43 - 48
Kravchun P. G., Kadykova O. I.
Clinical, hemodynamic and biochemical effects of Ramipril in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension
43 - 47
Kravchun P. G., Lapshina L. A., Glebova O. V.
Endothelial function and cardiohemodynamics in clusters divided by the level of endothelin−1 in acute myocardial infarction and late postinfarction period
22 - 27
Kravchun P. G., Olkhovsky D. V., Krapivko S. A., Borzova E. Yu.
Efficacy of magnesium orotate in treatment of arterial hypertension accompanied by obesity and chronic heart failure
120 - 123
Kravchun P. G., Yefremova O. A.
The influence of streptase on the course of uncomplicated Q−wave myocardial infarction
18 - 20
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