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№4' 2011


Psychological aspect of diabetes mellitus: problems and prospects
6 - 9
The researches devoted to the problem of psychosomatic and somatopsychic influences in diabetes mellitus are reviewed. The role of mental factor in the origin of diabetes mellitus was determined. The most characteristic disorders in the psychoemotional sphere are described. The prospects of the further research in the area of rendering aid to the patients with diabetes mellitus are outlined considering the “psychological component”.
Therapeutic alliance in a psychoneurological medical establishment
10 - 14
The diagnostic criteria of therapeutic alliance assessment are discussed; its taxonomy is suggested. Based on the performed research social demographic, clinical and psychological factors influencing therapeutic alliance formation were revealed.
The peculiarities of vertebrogenic pain syndromes treatment
15 - 20
The findings of the investigation of pathogenetic peculiarities of back pain formation at vertebrogenic pathology as well as disorders of life activity of the patients with this disease are presented. The use of therapy applying a standard protocol of treatment and complex combination drug Cocarnit are substantiated.
Cerebrovascular disorders development in persons with consequences of combat brain injury
21 - 24
The causes of cerebrovascular pathology development in persons with the history of combat brain injury are featured. The patients were performed Doppler ultrasound investigation of the head and neck vessels followed by the findings analysis.
The effect of Thiotriasolinum and the state of gastric mucosa at Helicobacter pylori−negative gastropathy in patients with chronic cardiac failure
25 - 30
The peculiarities of the changes in the state of gastric mucosa (GM) in patients aged 44–64 with chronic heart failure (CHF) in the result of antioxidant therapy were studied. It is shown that the use of antioxidant Thiotriasolinum in the protocol of complex treatment of the patients with Hp−negative gastropathy and CHF and a moderate risk of cardiovascular complications provided statistically significant improvement of the clinical state as well as influenced more positively the state of systolic and diastolic function of the left ventricle with significant difference of these indices when compared with the effect of the therapy without Thiotriasolinum administration.
The peculiarities of the clinical signs in patients with Candida involvement of the upper gastrointestinal tract
31 - 35
The peculiarities of the clinical signs in patients with the involvement of upper gastrointestinal tract with Candida are presented depending of the form of the disease: invasive and non−invasive. It is shown that the use of GSRS questionnaire at polysymptom manifestations allows ranging the clinical manifestations, important to determine the disease severity and treatment tactics, according to their dominance and intensity. The association of the main clinical syndromes was proven, i.e. dyspeptic and abdominal pain with yeast−like flora presence.
Acid−dependent diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract. What are they?
36 - 40
Main acid−dependent diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract are characterized. Drug groups inhi−biting production and release of hydrochloric acid are analyzed, which causes improvement the quality of the patients’ life−style.
Lung asprgilloma
41 - 48
Modern ideas about the origin and variants of aspergilloma clinical course as well as modern classifications of the types of aspergillum involvement of the lungs and methods of their diagnosis and treatment are presented. A description of the morphology is described in detail. The literature review is accompanied by the original observations.
Bronchoscopic characteristics of the bronchopulmonary apparatus in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
49 - 53
A high prevalence of grade II endobronchitis with mucous and mucopurulent character of the bronchial secretion, which was characterized by generalization of the inflammatory process in the form of partially diffuse changes in the tracheobronchial tree, was shown in the investigated patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It was established that formation of the pathological changes in the airways was due to increased body weight and hyperglycemia level.
Recurrent miscarriage: contemporary opinions about an old problem
54 - 60
It is shown that investigation of the fetoplacental complex state using Doppler velocimetry of the blood flow in the umbilical vesicle, intervillous lacuna, umbilical artery at recurrent miscarriage allows to determine imminent abortion at pre−clinical stages and timely to take the respective measures with the purpose to eliminate the causes of recurrent miscarriage.
Differential approaches to the choice of treatment tactics in patients with hyperplastic processes of the endometrium
61 - 64
One hundred and ten perimenopausal women with glandular and adenomatous endometrium hyperplasia (EH) were investigated. It is shown that before the choice of the treatment tactics in patients with EH it is recommended to determine proliferative activity of the endometrium cells considering the markers of proliferation and expression of steroid hormones receptors.
Classification problems renal cell carcinoma intravenous proliferation
65 - 68
The authors present the modern classification approaches to macroscopic intravenous proliferation of renal cell carcinoma. The characteristics of different classifications, including 7 th еdition of the TNM Classification (2009) are discussed.
Low risk prostate cancer – active control or active treatment?
69 - 74
A new approach to the tactics of treatment of “early” stages of prostate cancer is presented. The capabilities of active control of the patients with this type of neoplasia are discussed. Dynamic observation allows to postpone or avoid aggressive treatment.
The role of pro−inflammatory cytokines in anemia development in cancer patients
75 - 81
Cytokine−mediated mechanisms involved in development of anemia in cancer patients are featured. Alternative approaches to treatment of anemia of chronic disease are presented.
The peculiarities of the state of cellular immunity in patients with diabetes mellitus depending of the variant of the disease course
82 - 86
Comparative analysis of the state of cellular immunity was performed in the patients with slowly progressing autoimmune diabetes of adults, diabetes mellitus (DM) type 1 and 2 with the disease duration up to 6 years. Irrespective of the variant of the disease course, absence of significant differences in the amount of total number of lymphocytes, reduction of relative amount of CD3+−T−mature as well as increase of CD20+−B−lymphocytes in all groups of the patients with DM was determined in all groups of DM patients when compared with the controls.
Activity of blood serum leptin and interleukin−6 in patents with polyendocrinopathy
87 - 91
Association between leptin and some immunological parameters in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus accompanied by autoimmune thyroiditis was established. The presence of immune suppression and increased levels of interleukin−6 and leptin was revealed at accompanying obesity and dyslipidemias.
New in treatment of enteroinvasive acute intestinal infections
92 - 96
Comparative characteristics of the variants of empiric therapy with the medicines of nitrofuran group is presented for assessment of their influence on the clinical course in complex therapy for acute inte−stinal infections.
Ammonium and C−reactive protein content in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with bacterial and viral meningitides
97 - 99
Increase of ammonium and C−reactive protein amount in the cerebrospinal fluid of the patients with acute bacterial and viral meningitides, more pronounced at bacterial meningitides, was revealed. Determining of ammonium and C−reactive protein in the cerebrospinal fluid is promising for early differential diagnosis of bacterial and viral meningitides.
The analysis of post−operative complications in gerontological urological patients operated under general anesthesia
100 - 103
The complications were analyzed in 900 gerontological urological patients aged 65–82 operated with the use of various types of general anesthesia. It was revealed that total death rate in the operated patients was 1,11%, the causes of death were complications respiratory and cardiovascular complications as well as severe septic intoxication.
The peculiarities of myorelaxant use in obstetric anesthesiology
104 - 106
Modern literature data about the peculiarities of myorelaxants use in obstetric practice are reviewed. Comparative analysis of the efficacy and safety of various myorelaxants for the mother and fetus during caesarian section and after the surgery is reported.
To 150th anniversary of Kharkov Medical Society
107 - 111
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