When submitting a contribution, the following rules must be followed.

• The article must be accompanied by an official letter from the institution where the research was performed, and must be signed by the scientific advisor.

• The article should be signed by all the authors. In a separate page, you should provide the following information about yourself: surname, first name, patronymic in Ukrainian, English and Russian, ORCID as well as defining the role of each author, such as: author, editor, supervisor; one of academic degree, title, affiliation, position, postal code and address for correspondence, telephone (s) for contact, e-mail.

• Annotation comprising the title of the paper, names and initials of the authors, as well as key words must not exceed 500 characters with spaces (approximately 70 words) and should be provided in Ukrainian and English.

• In addition, an abstract of up to 1 page (1,800 characters) in Ukrainian and English should be submitted, and must contain the topic without repeating the article title, the purpose of the work, methods or methodology of the research, results and conclusions.

• The text of article, submitted in Ukrainian or English, should be checked; the UDC index must be indicated. All illustrations, tables, formulas, dosages of drugs should be signed by the author in the margins.

• Submitted articles of the thesis materials should have the following mandatory elements (with no headings): statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks; analysis of recent research and publications on which the author based; identifying unresolved parts of the general gender issue; formulating goals (setting goals); outline of the main research material with full evidence of the obtained results; conclusions drawn from the study and prospects for further investigations in this direction.

• The paper should be submitted electronically in doc (docx) format, Times New Roman font (14 points) with 1.5 line spacing, 3.5 cm intervals on the left, 1 cm on the right, 2.5 on the top and bottom. The paper must be about of 10-12 pages, for the review papers this is 15 pages, including tables and figures.

• The article corresponding to the file must be submitted as a hard copy in duplicate with pages numbered.

• The amount of graphic material should be modest and the figures and diagrams should be clear. Illustrative material should be placed in the text.

• Tables should be compact and titled. All figures and tables in the text should be referenced and the number and location should be indicated in the margins.

• References are presented in square brackets according to the State Standards of Ukraine 8302:2015 “Information and documentation…”. The reference list is given in the order of appearance of the papers in the text. Each reference should contain DOI if available.

• Commonly accepted and used terms are given as abbreviation (the first mention is required to be deciphered) in the text.

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