"International Medical Journal" is a scientific poly-topical journal that introduces the professionals to the latest achievements of theoretical and practical medicine, prospects for their introduction into diagnostic and therapeutic practice in various fields of medicine.

The editorial board of the journal is guided by the international ethical rules of scientific publications (recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics) and maintains the standards and practice of major international publishers. Keeping the ethical standards of scientific publications by all the persons involved into publishing ensures the observance of copyright for intellectual property, promotes the quality of scientific publications and prevents the misuse of published materials in the interests of others. On the other hand, the editorial staff of the journal supports the authors to comply the standard and ethical requirements for the design and preparation of materials, submitted for publication to the journal.

International Medical Journal is an open access journal, it is free for everyone to view, read, download and print. The editorial staff supports the principles of free dissemination of scientific information and global knowledge sharing for general public progress. The contents of the journal can be accessed immediately after the paper has been published.

The journal's editorial policy is based on the principles of objectivity and impartiality in selection of the papers for publication; high demand for the quality of scientific research; compulsory peer review of articles; keeping the collegiality in decision-making regarding publication of the articles; proper access and efficiency in communication with authors; strict observance of the copyright and related rights.

Chief editor
Prof. Krishtal Evgenij Valentinovich

Kopteva Tatyana Anatol'evna

Ukraine, 61002, Kharkiv,Marshala Bazhanova st. 20
Tel./ fax (+38057) 705-02-92, 095-184-60-74
Web: www.imj.kh.ua
E-mail: ed@imj.kh.ua
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