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№1' 2005


Urgent issues of cardiac failure
6 - 9
Discrepancies in the existing classifications and definitions of cardiac failure are discussed. Modification of a generally accepted 6−minute walking test, which allows quantitative and objective measurement of performance and output of the myocardium in patients with coronary artery disease, is suggested.
Assessment of physical development of children before and after arterial switching of large cardiac vessels transposition
10 - 11
Physical development of children with transposition of the large vessels who underwent arterial switching was studied. Centile method was used to show that the physical development of the majority of children corresponded to the norm in long terms after the surgery.
Treatment for anxiety phobic disorders in women: clinical pathogenetic regularities
12 - 14
Some regularities of gender aspects of forming anxiety phobic disorders were revealed. The principles and sytem for treatment of this pathology aimed at improvement of personality adaptive abilities, overcoming conditional−reflex fixation of anxiety phobic signs, forming sanogenic behavioral stereotypes were worked out. A high efficacy of the suggested system was shown.
Dynamics and clinical regularities of forming organic personality disorders
15 - 19
The role of pubertal period and significance of social and microsocial factors in forming organic personality disorders were established.
Contemporary features of affective disorders in schizophrenia in comparative age aspect
20 - 22
The data about affective disorders in the mental structure of attacks in shift−like schizophrenia in teen−agers and adults are presented. Significance of age factor in forming the clinical manifestations of schizophrenia and the necessity to consider them in diagnosis of affective states, with which the attacks of progredient forms of schizophrenia begin, are shown.
Psychological problems of anxiety
23 - 30
Different concepts and opinions about the problem of anxiety and its various manifestations are discussed. The importance of search for new and modernization of the known diagnostic methods and approaches to anxiety disorders treatment are shown.
Gestalt−therapy in the system of psychocorrection of communication disorders and erectile dysfunction in men without a female partner
31 - 33
The causes of psychogenic erectile dysfunction in young men without a partner are characterized; the clinical formes were distinguished. The system for psychotherapeutic correction of this pathology with the use of progressive methods of therapy is suggested. Its high therapeutic effect is shown.
Diabetic autonomous neuropathy. 1. Incidence, pathogenesis, classification, clinical picture
34 - 41
Contradictory data about the incidence of diabetic neuropathy and possible causes of the contradiction are presented. Classification of diabetic neuropathy and various versions of the pathogenesis are featured. Extreme importance and complexity of the problem due to numerous clinical manifestations of diabetic autonomous neuropathy are discussed.
Spontaneous of evoked brain bioelectrical activity in hypothyroidism
42 - 44
The authors report the results of estimation of electroencephalograms and evoked brain potentials of various modalities in patients with hypothyroidism. The characteristic changes were determined; significance of complex electrophysiological examination of these patients is shown.
Psychoprophylaxis of primary disorders of sexual health and extramarital sex
45 - 49
The principles, on which the system of psychoprevention is based, are presented. Its stages are described. The subjects of classes with the youth and the methods of psychotherapy used are described. The ways of prevention of extramarital sex of the spouses are shown.
Chronic prostatitis as a cause of spouses sexual health disorders
50 - 52
Causative relations of chronic prostatitis and development of sexual dysfunction in men as well as spouses deadaptation, the mechanisms of forming, course and clinical manifestations are shown. Basing on the revealed regularities, the system for correction allowing to achieve recovery in the patients and to restore spouses adaptation was worked out.
Spouse deadaptation in organic personality disorders in men
53 - 56
The causes, development mechanisms and clinical manifestations of insufficiently studied communicative forms of spouse deadaptation in various types of organic personality disorders in men are shown. The necessity of systemic approach to the diagnosis and psychotherapeutic correction is emphasized.
The state of sexual health of the spouses after genital surgery in women
57 - 59
The influence of various types of surgery on sexual function of women as well as the causes of development and clinical forms of spouse deadaptation were established. The author concludes about the necessity to consider mental and social−psychological factors contributing formation of spouse deadaptation and its cause in a number of cases in addition to the volume of the surgery at psychotherapeutic correction of deadaptation.
The role of rheological disorders and perfusion pressure in thrombosis of central vein of retina
60 - 62
Significant differences in the parameters of general and regional hemodynamics in patients with thrombosis of central vein of retina and retina angiopathy against a background of decreased arterial pressure were revealed. The role of rheological disorders and perfusion pressure in development of angiopathy and retina thrombosis in patients with arterial hypotension is shown.
The ways to solve the problem of complications appearing at cataract excision with the use of phacoemulsification
63 - 67
The author describes in detail the achievements aimed at improvement of efficacy of surgical treatment for cataract using an optimum variant of the model of the intraocular lens (IOL) in cases of possible complications at phacoemulsification and secondary implantation of IOL to the acapsulous aphakic eyes.
Immunity state in patients with chronic laryngitis with accompanying autoimmune thyroiditis
68 - 70
The findings of investigation of cellular and humoral immunity in patients with chronic laryngitis accompanied by thyroiditis are presented. The necessity of endocrinologist and immunologist consultation in addition to the traditional ENT treatment is substantiated.
New aspects in development of nose surgery
71 - 73
The problems arising at reconstructive surgery on the external structures of the nose and its inner cavities as well as characteristics of the implants and the conditions promoting complication development are featured. Basing on the original research the authors conclude about practical expediency of application of homo− and heterotransplants with the account of definite medical−social parameters.
Emobolization of uterine arteries in uterus myoma as an alternative to surgery
74 - 79
The authors analyze the course of post−operative period and efficacy of uterine artery embolization in patients with uterus myoma with various locations of the nodes. The efficacy of the method is shown. The authors conclude about the necessity of a one−year gynecological follow−up after the treatment.
Transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy: possibility to use in sterile patients
80 - 85
The authors report the results of assessment of the capabilities and informativity of transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy as a screening method of female sterility diagnosis. Sufficient informativity and safety of the method are shown.
The state of free−radical oxidation of the human ovary follicular fluid after a prolonged cryopreservation
86 - 90
The intensity of peroxidation processes and activity of a number of antioxidant enzymes was studied in the follicular fluid of human ovaries after 6 months of cryopreservation followed by storage in the conditions of a domestic refrigerator. The possibility to store it in these conditions for at least 12 hours without considerable changes in the state of free−radical oxidation of lipids and proteins as well as antioxidant system enzyme activity is shown.
The advantages of complete medial sternotomy, medial sternolaparotomic and laparosternotomic approaches in severe injuries of the chest, abdomen and terminal states
91 - 95
An original terminology of polyorgan trauma is suggested, complete medial sternotomy, medial sternolaparotomic and laparosternotomic approaches on rendering reanimation and surgical aid to this group of patients were worked out. The advantages of these interventions are shown.
Some pathophysiological aspects of surgery for purulent destructive lesions of the intestine
96 - 98
The author analyzes the principles of treatment of patients with purulent destructive lesions of the intestine. It is concluded that the obligatory element of this treatment in any type of the disease is complete and stable restoration of the intestine passage. The terms of restoration should forestall the increasing homeostasis disorders and degenerative changes in the excluded portions of the intestinal tract.
Modern ideas about HCV infection
99 - 102
The achievements in the study of the etiology, pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of HCV infection are discussed. Contemporary capabilities of laboratory and instrumental diagnosis of the disease as well as main principles of treatment depending on the severity of the course and activity of the pathological process in the liver are described.
Perinatal infection with hepatitis B and C virus: pathomorphological mechanisms and morphofunctional state of the placenta
103 - 106
The authors analyze the intensity of the epidemic process in HBV and HCV infection. The role of perianal infection in the disease occurrence is shown. Pathomorphological mechanisms of transplacental infection with the virus are discussed.
Some aspects of antibody development in viral hepatitis C
107 - 110
Differentiated character of the antibodies to the structural and non−structural proteins of hepatitis C virus was revealed in the blood serum and erythrocytes of the patients in association with the peculiarities of pathogenesis of HCV infection depending on the period of the disease. Simultaneous study of antibody spectra to the proteins of hepatitis C virus in the blood serum and erythrocytes with the purpose of improvement of differential diagnosis of the form and phase of the disease as well as objectivation of its prognosis and determining therapeutic tactics was suggested.
Ultrasound visualization and Doppler study of the spinal artery in various pathology
111 - 115
The capabilities of ultrasonography and Doppler study in visualization of the spinal artery with the purpose of determining blood flow disorders in various development anomalies, functional load and pathology of the cervical spine are shown.
The analysis of the findings of ultrasound diagnosis of soft−tissue sarcomas
116 - 120
Ultrasound and Doppler signs of different histological types of soft−tissue sarcomas are described. The authors conclude that in suspected tumors the examination algorithm should include complex US study, which allows studying the features of intratumoral blood circulation.
Radiodiagnosis of cardiac failure in patients with myocardial infarction during various stages of left ventricle remodeling
121 - 123
The tactics and criteria for diagnosis of cardiac failure were determined for different periods of left ventricle remodeling. Complex radiodiagnosis is shown to be most effective and can be the criterion for choice of therapy method.
Capabilities of application of soft−tissue markers for evaluation of the sate of population health
124 - 128
Modern ideas about the significance of connective tissue in development of pathological processes of various origin and localization are discussed. The possibility to use the markers of connective−tissue metabolism for creation of integral criterion for population health evaluation is substantiated.
Occurrence of prion infections and main directions of their prevention
129 - 132
Up−to−date data about classification and occurrence of prion infections are presented. Modern situation associated with prions is shown to allow considering it dangerous. Most prospective directions in prevention of prion disease are discussed.
Peculiarities of epidemiology and clinical course of toxocariasis in contemporary conditions
133 - 135
Modern ideas about the etiology, factors of transmission, the peculiarities of the clinical course and the nervous system involvement in toxocariasis are featured. The role of dogs as disseminators of toxocara ova and the source of human infection is shown.
D.V. Saykov, I.K. Sosin. Alcoholic depression.− Kharkov: Kollegium, 2004.− 335 p.
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