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№1' 2013


International Medical Journal, Vol. 19., Iss. 1, 2013, P. 118−120.

Investigation of indices of efficacy of work of family medicine establishments

Potseluyev V. I.

Sumy Central District Clinical Hospital, Sumy, Ukraine

Abstract. Significance of the study is due to the task to improve the efficacy of the national health system in Ukraine. The purpose of the work was to determine the influence of the introduced principles of general practice − family medicine (GPFM) on the efficacy of the work of primary care hospitals. The indices of frequency of illness and primary disability were investigated within the period of 2002−2010 in the network of the institutions of general proactive − family medicine of rural areas of Kharkiv region. Dispersion analysis was used to investigate the association between these indices and the state of follow−up work, the volume of working time of the physician, introduction of new technologies (algorithms) of forming healthy life style of the population. It was shown that organization of primary medical care of the population of rural areas in the form of general practice − family medicine promoted improvement of efficacy of medical care owing to task−oriented measures of the physicians. The most pronounced changes were noted in the health localities which were previously served by medical and obstetric stations.

Key words: family medicine, morbidity, prevalence, disability, efficacy.

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