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№1' 2006


Cardiomyocyte apoptosis in the pathogenesis of acute myocardial infarction and postinfarction heart remodeling in diabetes mellitus
6 - 10
The authors generalize the literature data and present the original findings on development features and pathogenetic role of cardiomyocyte apoptosis in acute myocardial infarction and Post−Infarction heart remodeling in diabetes mellitus.
Expediency of sinus rhythm maintenance in atrial fibrillation
11 - 13
Based on the review of the up−to−date literature, it is concluded that administration of Amiodarone and its combinations with antiarrhythmic IC drugs can reduce the frequency of stroke and death as well as to improve the quality of life of the patients with atrial fibrillation.
Diving arteries − norm or pathology?
14 - 18
The literature data about the clinical−morphological signs of myocardial bridges with systolic compression of the coronary arteries are presented; the informativity of various diagnostic techniques is evaluated. The original findings of myocardial bridges observation are reported.
Sex and love addiction
19 - 21
The mechanisms of forming and manifestation of sex and love addiction as well as associated reference addiction and avoidance addiction are featured. The author emphasizes the necessity to know them for working out the system of psychocorrection of this pathology.
Spouse deadaptation at secondary dysfunction in women
22 - 25
Casual relations between secondary sexual dysfunction in women and neurotic disorders, impairment of a mature personality and forming variants of sexual deadaptation of a marries couple are featured. The author concludes about the necessity to consider the revealed regularities when working out the system for psychotherapeutic correction.
Detoxification and metabolic disorders correction in schizophrenia treatment
26 - 30
The questions of detoxification and metabolic disorders correction in schizophrenia treatment with Reambirin are discussed. The obtained findings allow to consider that the use of Reambirin in this diseases is pathogenetically substantiated.
Psychoprophylaxis of sexual health disorders and solitude of divorced men
31 - 36
The original system for psychoprophylaxis of sexual health disorders and solitude of divorced men is presented. The principles of psychoprevention are reported. The methods and essence of the psychopreventive measures are described in detail. The reality of their use in practice is emphasized.
Comparative analysis of the nasal cavity bacterial spectrum in purulent maxillary sinusitis
37 - 40
The study of the spectrum and sensitivity to antibiotics used in acute and exacerbations of chronic maxillary sinusitis was done. The increase of microorganism resistance to penicillins and preservation of high sensitivity of fluoroquinolones to main agents of purulent sinusitis were noted. The authors conclude about the necessity to use physical factors with a nonspecific antibacterial effect in addition to antimicrobial drugs.
The use of Erbisol in complex treatment of chronic laryngitis accompanied by autoimmune thyroiditis
41 - 44
Administration of immunomodulator Erbisol was shown to result in elimination of clinical manifestations of the disease and normalizing a number of immune parameters in chronic laryngitis accompanied by autoimmune thyroiditis. It is concluded about the expediency to administer the drug in complex treatment for this disease.
The problems of surgical treatment for chronic pancreatitis
45 - 50
Up−to−date concepts of fibrogenesis are featured. The most practical classifications of chronic pancreatitis are described. The disease diagnosis is discussed. Special attention is paid to surgical methods of treatment including modern draining operations, organ−saving and subtotal resections.
Surgical rehabilitation of colostomy patients
51 - 54
The outcomes of surgical rehabilitation of colostomy patients are analyzed. The object of surgical rehabilitation in the patients with a life−long stoma was shown to be treatment of the complications associated with the colostomy. The object of rehabilitation of the patients with temporary colostomy is restoration of intestinal continuity by means of reconstructive−restorative surgery. Only medical rehabilitation is emphasized to be able to solve the whole range of the problems in colostomy patients. The state support in supply of the modern stoma equipment is necessary.
Physical model for experimental biomechanical study of the cervical spine
55 - 61
The original physical model of the cervical spine representing its anatomical, biomechanical and functional features is described in detail. The model allows to study the character of the load distribution in the soft−tissue elements of the cervical spine in accordance with its biomechanical features in various regimens of use of external force and after modelling various variants of spondylodesis at the level of fixation and in the adjacent segments.
Hip joint diseases in children with hereditary susceptibility: a conceptual model
62 - 65
Based on the principles of integrative medicine, systemic approach with the use of concept of logical modelling, a uniform system of concepts about the diseases of the hip joint in children with hereditary susceptibility was worked out. It was shown that the suggested integrative approach can be used for working out diagnostic and prognostic criteria of joint development and performing pathogenetic surgery aimed at elimination or reduction in the frequency of forming dysplastic coxarthrosis.
Esophageal cancer: diagnosis and treatment prospects
66 - 70
Up−to−date information about the etiology and pathogenesis of esophageal cancer is reviewed. The methods of the disease diagnosis and variants of therapeutic tactics are described.
New clinical and diagnostic strategies in renal cancer
71 - 78
The analysis of the changed clinical picture of renal tumors is done. The dynamics and sequence of the new imaging techniques are described.
Correction of endothelium dysfunction in limited scleroderma
79 - 82
The effect of hypolipidemia drug Simvastatin on the state of the vascular endothelium and blood lipids in limited scleroderma was studied. The use of Simvastatin in complex treatment of the disease is shown to improve the clinical course of the disease and to allow normalization of the majority of laboratory parameters. The obtained findings suggest pathogenetic substantiation of statins administration in treatment of organic scleroderma.
Epidemiological microsporia situation in Moscow
83 - 85
Epidemiological microsporia situation is Moscow is presented. The factors considerably influencing it are discussed. The effect of a special program of quantitative controlling recommendations for dermatology service is analyzed.
The role of Josamicin in treatment of urogenital chlamydiosis: pharmacoeconomics substantiation
86 - 93
Considerable importance of the issue of urogenital chlamydiosis as well as its epidemiology and clinical manifestations are shown. Modern drugs and schemes are analyzed in detail. Clinical economical expertise of the treatment is done.
The efficacy of Phosphogliv in hepatitis C
94 - 98
The findings of the study of clinical pathogenetic efficacy of Phosphogliv injections in HCV infection and mixed HCV+HBV infection are presented.
Ultrasound guided puncture liver biopsy in chronic viral hepatitis
99 - 103
The contemporary approaches to diagnosis of chronic viral hepatitis are discussed. Puncture liver biopsy is described in detail, the original findings of histology study are presented.
Virtual cystoscopy: capabilities, limitations, prospects
103 - 106
The capabilities of virtual cystoscopy in diagnosis of the bladder tumors, its advantages vs optic cystoscopy as well as the prospects of this method of radiation diagnosis are shown.
Current opinions on radiation diagnosis of the femur head aseptic necrosis
107 - 111
Review of the literature data representing the current opinions on various methods of aseptic femur necrosis diagnosis in adults are reported. Their advantages and disadvantages are described in detail.
Is it necessary to administer nonsteroid anti−inflammatory drugs to prevent and treat malignant tumors?
112 - 116
The possibility to prevent malignancy formation using nonsteroid anti−inflammatory drugs is discussed. The author concludes about the lack of data proving the possibility to use them for prevention and treatment of malignant diseases.
Clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics of calcium antagonists and their application in modern medicine
117 - 121
The urgency of the issue of calcium antagonists application in various fields of medicine is shown. Various drugs of this group, their clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and efficacy are discussed.
On forming clinical and analytical−integral thinking of the doctor
122 - 124
The state of the question of training specialists for priority theoretical and applied research is analyzed. The necessity to work out a concept and methodology of forming clinical thinking in practicing doctors and abstract analytical−integral thinking in researchers are substantiated.
On satisfaction of the patients with the treatment in a hospital for internal diseases
125 - 127
The factors influencing satisfaction of the patients with the treatment in a hospital for internal diseases are discussed. The authors conclude that satisfaction with the treatment is not less important than the quality of life of the patient.
Problems of medical care quality and efficacy
128 - 132
The problems of health, quality of life and efficacy of medical care are discussed. The role of a high qualification of the doctors, reorganization of management system in health protection are emphasized. The approaches and methods of the quality and efficacy of medical care assessment are analyzed. The authors suggest revising the strategies of prevention, as well as to introduce the system of measures aimed at risk factors and their control.
The efficacy of organization models of primary medical sanitary aid to rural population: an experience of integral assessment
133 - 136
The principles and standard quantitative algorithm for assessment of integral efficacy of work of the new organization models of primary medical sanitary care discussed using the example of a general practitioner's office created in a ambulatory office were worked out.
Chronicle of scientific and therapeutic−preventive work of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department No. 1 of National Medical University named after A. A. Bogomolets
137 - 140
A prominent Kharkov surgeon Wilhelm F. Grube
141 - 146
In memoriam Academician Alexander A. Shalimov
147 - 148
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