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№4' 2016


Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (Rome, 2016): results of the most important clinical trials
5 - 12
A report on all six scientific sessions of the Hot Line of the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (Rome, 2016) on new approaches to treatment of heart failure; strategies for prevention of complications of cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia; imaging studies and stenting in coronary heart disease is presented.
Daily blood pressure features in patients with hypertension and dyslipidemia under influence of treatment
13 - 17
The parameters of daily blood pressure monitoring and lipid metabolism were investigated in patients with arterial hypertension combined with dyslipidemia under the influence of combination therapy with ACI−inhibitor perindopril, β−blocker nebivolol and atorvastatin. Positive influence of the selected combined therapy on the daily profile of blood pressure and blood lipoprotein level was noticed.
The ability of buccal epithelial cells to adhesion of Candida albicans in gastroenterological patients with candidiasis of the upper digestive tract mucosa
18 - 23
The adhesive properties of buccal epithelial cells to adhere to the reference strain of Candida albicans in patients with candidiasis of the upper digestive tract mucosa were investigated. It was shown that this ability in patients with fungal invasion of the mucous membrane was significantly higher compared with the patients with oropharyngeal and superficial candidiasis and is associated with the indices of adaptive and innate immunity.
The choice of surgical tactics of repeated interventions after femoropopliteal bypass surgery in lesions of the tibial segment
24 - 27
The optimum amount of re−intervention for thrombosis of femoropopliteal bypass at its inadequate functioning in the conditions of development of outflow stenosis was determined. It was shown that maximum use of the reserves of the peripheral channel after repeated surgery for bypass thrombosis had a positive effect. Preservation of the outflow from the bypass at the level of intermediate anastomosis with popliteal artery provides better results.
Surgical correction of congenital penile deviations
28 - 32
A combined method of tunica placation and ellipse resection of a longitudinal (external) layer of tunica albuginea of the penis in patients with congenital isolated penile deviation is presented. This method of treatment allows achieving good results at the expense of minimizing development of possible postoperative complications observed after resection of all layers of tunica albuginea of penis and tunica placation as independent methods of operative correction of deviation.
Some aspects of ultrasound investigation in obstetrics
33 - 37
The authors summarize the application of ultrasound investigation in obstetric practice in various stages of pregnancy and the effects of ultrasound on the organism of the intrauterine fetus. The capabilities of ultrasound investigation in diagnosis of congenital fetal malformations, polyhydramnios and oligohydramnios, intrauterine growth retardation are presented. The techniques of determining gestational age of the fetus and its conformity to obstetric deadline with the use of fetometric indices are shown.
Differential ultrasonography criteria and treatment of nodular uterine leiomyoma in women of reproductive age
38 - 41
The differential ultrasonography criteria as well as clinical efficacy of microencapsulated diindolylmethane (DIM), a derivative of indole−3−carbinol (Balansid(tm)), in treatment of small−size nodular uterine leiomyoma in women of reproductive age, according to the results of clinical and ultrasound studies were determined based on the findings of clinical and ultrasound investigation.
Assessing the level of sex hormones and lipid profile in men with infertility at metabolic syndrome and high body mass index
42 - 45
The questions of improving treatment outcomes at pathospermia in men with metabolic syndrome using drugs that improve and intensify testicular blood flow are featured. The evolution of hormone levels before and after the treatment, normalization of lipid metabolism, adherence to strict guidelines as to the weight loss, correction of lifestyle shows a promising method of pathogenetic treatment for pathospermia in men against a background of metabolic syndrome and increased body mass index.
Treatment of retrograde ejaculation of different origin
46 - 50
The results of examination and treatment of patients with retrograde ejaculation are analyzed. Depending of the factor of retrograde ejaculation the patients were administered pharmacological therapy and/or invasive endoscopic methods of correction of the bladder neck. It was established that retrograde ejaculation is a big psychological problem for men significantly reducing their fertile, sexual and personal potential. The most effective treatment, resulting in the largest number of natural pregnancies appeared to be submucosal injection of hyaluronic acid gel to the posterior prostatic urethra.
Intra−arterial chemotherapy in treatment of head and neck cancer: 65 years of application. Any verdict?
51 - 56
Intra−arterial chemotherapy in treatment of head and neck cancer has been used for more than 60 years. In the beginning, it was administered only with palliative purpose, later as organ−preserving therapy. Randomized prospective studies that objectively demonstrate the advantages of this therapy have been lacking. In the meantime, many allow us to consider intra−arterial chemotherapy an effective and prospective method, which requires further study.
Health−dependent quality of life in patients with disseminated hormone−naive prostate cancer
57 - 62
The parameters of quality of life data that depend on health of patients' with disseminated hormone−naive prostate cancer undergoing combined chemohormone therapy based on mitoxantron were investigated. FACT−P questionnaire was used as a research tool. The characteristics of pain were determined with the help of a short form of BPI−SF questionnaire. The questionnaires were filled in 9, 20, 28 and 44 weeks after starting the course of treatment. This approach showed fact−based advantages in terms of health dependent quality of life by the total score, the percentage of patients who showed improvement and dynamics of pain syndrome.
The features of reproductive function in women with breast cancer
63 - 66
The review presents the data on the characteristics of the reproductive function of women with breast cancer. The questions related to the effect of chemotherapy and hormone therapy on the quality of life, fertility and pregnancy, its course in these patients, are featured.
Neurophysiological aspect of metabolic therapy for chronic cerebral ischemia
67 - 72
The efficiency of using alpha−lipoic acid (Espa−lipon) in complex therapy for cognitive disorders and asthenic syndrome in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia was shown. The use of alpha−lipoic acid in ampules and tablets is emphasized to be rather safe and is not accompanied by pronounced side effects.
Anatomical and physiological conditions of the vertebral artery syndrome
73 - 76
The work presents the main results of the study of anatomical and physiological prerequisites for development of vertebral artery syndrome. It is noted that the effects of myofascial dysfunction of the neck and shoulder and biolocomotive disorders of the spine as a whole on the occurrence of symptomatic vertebral artery compression are poorly known while differentiated therapeutic approach to treatment is absent.
Pathogenesis of alopecia areata: immune mechanisms
77 - 82
New data about the pathogenesis of alopecia areata are presented. An important role of cytokine cascade and lymphocytic element of the immune system in development and progress of this disease leading to formation of non−specific autoimmune inflammation, is shown. The mechanisms of failure of immune privilege of hair follicles are featured, the potential of further study of genetic basics of the immune system, specify of autoantigens and way of their expression, the role of exo−genous triggers are justified.
Clinical characteristics of the fungal skin involvement in HIV/AIDS−infected patients
83 - 86
The etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of skin lesions and mucous membranes caused by fungi in patients with HIV/AIDS infection are analyzed. The methods of prevention of micotic lesions in these patients are recommended.
Lifestyle medical and social problems in students of a medical university
87 - 90
The lifestyle of the first−year students of medical university was investigated using the criteria of compliance to day regimen, that of rest and sleep, physical activity, the presence of bad habits. The problem of non−compliance with day regimen and that of rest, irregular meals and insufficient levels of physical activity as well as high percentage of the students having bad habits were detected. These findings can be used to build a model of health monitoring of medical students.
Тhe impact of global climate change on the species composition and abundance of bloodsucking Diptera and mites as vectors zooanthroponoses
91 - 93
The article shows that climate change and its socio−economic, ecological and biomedical consequences cause increase of breeding places of bloodsucking Diptera and ticks, change of vectors' biology and ecology, increase in the number of carriers, redistribution of the species composition of midges and all groups of ticks with the replacement of less efficient to more efficient vectors.
Kharkiv medical historian Petrov P. T. (the 120th anniversary)
94 - 96
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