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№2' 2020



Obesity: clinical and pathogenetic justification of prevention and treatment
5 - 10
The widespread prevalence of obesity, which determines its comorbid nature, dictates the need to clarify the principles and options not only for its treatment but also for prevention. The multicomponent pathogenesis of obesity with the important role of different brain areas determines the feasibility of a combination of pharmacotherapy and intervention in the patient's lifestyle. In the pharmacotherapy of obesity, the weight correction is an crucial component and it enables to reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications, improves quality of life and prognosis.
Approaches to combined treatment of patients with cardiopulmonary pathology
11 - 15
Data on modern methods of drug and non−drug therapy in the conditions of cardiopulmonary comorbidity have been presented. The peculiarities of using the main groups of cardiovascular drugs, as well as the main aspects of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation in the patients with cardiopulmonary pathology have been considered.
Mechanisms and features of immune status and "oxidative stress − antioxidant protection" system in patients with tuberculosis
16 - 20
Published data on the problem of studying the immune system in tuberculosis infection have been analyzed. A variety of specific and nonspecific factors of body protection is involved into the development of anti−tuberculosis immunity. It has been noted that the study of immunological and oxidative parameters in tuberculosis is of great importance to address the issue of treatment tactics and the choice of direction to influence the disease course.
The 30 years' clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of endometrial ovarian cysts in patients of reproductive age
21 - 24
A retrospective comparative evaluation of the treatment results for the patients of reproductive age with endometrial ovarian cysts and concomitant gynecological pathology has been performed. Therapeutic measures included the use of radio wave energy, argon−plasma coagulation, intraoperative application of various anti−adhesive drugs and their combinations in the post−surgery period. The influence on the treatment effectiveness of surgical energies and concomitant gynecological pathology of patients has been studied.
Placental dysfunction in pregnant women with diabetes. Modern approaches to childbirth
25 - 28
The effect of antiprogesterone on cervical maturation and delivery optimization in pregnant women with placental dysfunction due to diabetes has been considered. The need for premature giving birth in such pregnant women due to the threat of maternal and fetal disorders has been emphasized. The most effective method of pre−induction of pregnant women with diabetes is a pathogenetic method of intracervical administration of antiprogesterone, which does not adversely affect the body of the mother and child.
Principles of hormone replacement therapy in women during menopause
29 - 31
The etiology of menopause, its classification, treatment options for hormonal disorders in women aged from 45 to 55 years, when reproductive function stops and menopausal syndromes appear, have been discussed in details. Issues for the management of such women have been recommended with a special attention paid to hormone replacement therapy.
Relationship of maternal vitamin B12 status in pregnancy with preterm birth and maternal health risks
32 - 38
Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with obesity and overweight, anemia and possible uterus and fetus neurological impairments. This study was aimed to reveal a health risk for pregnant women with vitamin B12 deficiency, as well as the preterm birth one. The findings demonstrated no strong correlation between serum vitamin B12 level and preterm birth risk. But an inverse association between vitamin B12 level and overweight before pregnancy as well as when giving birth was found. There was confirmed the noteworthy connection between meat consumption and vitamin B12 level, as well a correlation between the vitamin B12 level and that of hemoglobin in pregnant women was found. The need in further investigation was emphasized to increase the reproducibility of results.
Features of pleural cavity drainage in patients with acute nonspecific pleural empyema
39 - 42
The results of placement and positioning of pleural drainage in the patients with acute nonspecific pleural empyema have been studied. A technique using a curved thoracoport and the location of the drainage in parallel to the chest wall has been proposed. No complications due to inadequate drainage placement were found.
Cholangitis as a systemic manifestation of acute biliary infection
43 - 47
The place of infectious factor in the development of acute cholangitis has been determined by means of examining the bile from the common bile duct in patients with obstruction of the biliary tract as well as measurement of intraductal pressure in the common bile duct. The results have demonstrated that the development of cholangitis indicates the biliary infection manifestations.
Experience of applying lipophilic ointment "Wundahyl" when treating superficial burns
48 - 52
The results of local treatment in the patients with the second grade burns using lipophilic−based "Wundahyl" ointment have been presented. The obtained data testify to its effectiveness due to the reduction of trauma to the burn surface during dressings and stimulating effect on the wound healing process, that allows to recommend the drug for an outpatient treatment of superficial burns.
Role of dermatoscopy in chronic dermatoses diagnosis
53 - 56
Dermatoscopic signs of the frequently occurred chronic dermatoses have been considered in details, taking into account the stage of the pathological process. A specific dermatoscopic picture of rare dermatoses, in particular lichen sclerosus and Little − Lasseur syndrome, has been described. Knowledge of the dermatoscopic picture features of these dermatoses may be an important additional evidence when diagnosis was doubtful.
Mathematical model to predict severity of coronavirus infection and main anti−epidemic measures in Ukraine
57 - 65
The issue of predicting the severity of coronavirus infection COVID−19 has been considered. It has been noted that in young and middle−aged patients the disease proceeds mildly. It was found that clinical blood counts, i.e. leukocytes, blood sediment rate and D−dimer was of the linear dependence and statistically significant effect on the coronavirus infection course. Elderly patients had strong direct correlations between chronic diseases, such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and complicated COVID−19, that was reflected in the counts of lymphocytes, monocytes, blood sediment rate and D−dimer. The effectiveness of the main anti−epidemic measures in Ukraine has been also assessed.
"Clarithromycin−MB" clinical efficacy in combined therapy of patients with community−acquired pneumonia
66 - 69
The results of the investigation of clinical and bacteriological efficiency of the "ClarithromycinMB" drug in treatment of the patients with community−acquired pneumonia of clinical group IV have presented. The findings indicate that macrolide antibiotics play a major role in the treatment of such patients.
Metabolism features of haptoglobin as inflammation acute phase protein in patients with chronic HCV infection
70 - 76
There has been introduced a review of home and foreign scientific reports on modern approaches to the diagnosis of morphological changes in liver, as well as the evolution of antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis C and the causes of its resistance. The results of own researches have been presented. The diagnostic and prognostic value of determining the haptoglobin as an acute−phase protein the serum of patients with chronic forms of hepatitis C virus infection has been shown.
Analysis of shortcomings in medical care providing to servicemen in the National Military Medical Clinical Center "Main Military Clinical Hospital"
77 - 80
A clinical and anatomical analysis was performed, medical errors which most often occur in a military treatment and prevention facility have been classified, the main of those were as follows: unrecognized underlying disease, its atypical course, shortcomings of medical records and treatment process. Deficiencies in medical care provision, their causes and measures to prevent and reduce have been revealed.
Medical and epidemiological characteristics of proximal femur fractures in city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region population
81 - 88
The regional clinical and epidemiological characteristics of the patients with fractures of the proximal femur have been presented. The prevalence of femoral fractures depending on age and sex characteristics, place of residence, extent of lesion, referrals to trauma departments, time of admission, existing concomitant pathology and comorbid burden, levels of functional status, type of fracture and treatment tactics was determined.
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